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Type Of Tablet You Need for Electrolyte Replacement

muscle cramp

Been dealing with muscle cramps lately?

If so, then you experienced an electrolyte imbalance within your body. An electrolyte is an electric current that helps regulate how and where fluids are distributed throughout the body. Similar to motor oil in a car, electrolytes are used by your cells to maintain proper function with each other. The following are the different types of minerals that serve as electrolytes:

Type Of Tablet You Need for Electrolyte Replacement

  • sodium

  • potassium

  • chloride

  • bicarbonate

  • calcium

  • sulfate

  • magnesium

  • phosphate

These electrolytes play a vital role in maintaining nerve and muscle function in your body. While a diet rich in fruits and vegetables provide an adequate amount of electrolytes, you will need more if you are an athlete or someone who is highly active. To address this, a tablet that delivers an adequate dose of electrolytes is needed. So what kind of tablet is good for electrolyte replacement? Glad you ask! Here are the 4 most important minerals a tablet needs to contain in order to effectively replenish electrolyte levels.


Calcium is arguably the most essential mineral in the human body. I say this because calcium is the most abundant mineral in the human body (approximately 3lb in the average person). Calcium helps maintain a regular heartbeat, proper nerve transfers, and strong muscle contractions. Being deficient in calcium while performing a high endurance activity could cause muscle cramps, hypertension, and feeling weak. It is crucial to get a tablet that supplies a good source of calcium.

Recommended dosage in a tablet: 150mg-300mg


Magnesium accompanies calcium in the following regard: Calcium helps contract a working muscle. Once calcium leaves the muscle, magnesium enters to help relax the muscle. Got that! ☺ Being deficient in magnesium causes muscle cramps, shakes, sleep disorders, and other uncontrollable disorders. Magnesium is definitely an essential mineral to provide your body with, especially if you’re an athlete.

Recommended dosage in a tablet: 70mg-150mg


Within all muscle cells, potassium balances optimal sodium levels (the next mineral that will be discussed). You lose between 100mg to 200mg of potassium when sweating; thus potassium is vital to replenish. A deficiency in potassium causes vomiting, muscle spasms, cramping, muscle weakness, nausea and rapid heart rate. Unless you eat more bananas than a monkey, I suggest getting a tablet rich in potassium.

Recommended dosage in a tablet: 70mg-150mg


Sodium is probably the most important mineral in terms of electrolyte replacement. If you eat the typical American diet, then you may be oversaturating your system with sodium. Nonetheless, as an athlete or highly active person, you lose a lot of sodium due to sweating. While doing a strenuous activity, you can lose about 1800 to 3500mg of sodium per hour. Being deficient in sodium may create symptoms of abnormal heartbeat, muscle twitching, and hypoventilation. So while too much sodium is unhealthy, not having enough sodium is just as harmful to your body.

Recommended dosage in a tablet: 120mg-240mg

Overall, getting a tablet that provides an adequate amount of these 4 minerals will help replenish your electrolyte levels.

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