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Ultramuscle Testo Max Trial Offer Review: Is it a scam?

Ultramuscle Testo Max

Ultramuscle Testo Max offers a range of benefits that will surely entice people desperate to gain muscle into signing up for its trial.

Before you fall for these claims, I would suggest that you read the following review first.

We will look more closely at this supplement, to first see if it works as claimed, and also to look to see if the product itself is affordable.

In the past we have been shocked by just how expensive these types of offer are.

Please read on to uncover the truth behind the hype.

We do not endorse trial offers. Click here to see which product we recommend as an alternative.

Claimed benefits of Ultramuscle Testo Max

According to its website, using Ultramuscle Testo Max will ensure you experience the following user benefits:

  • Build lean muscle
  • Gain insane strength
  • Boost endurance
  • Get ripped
  • Burn more fat
  • Enhance sex drive

To check that these claims are accurate your next step should be to look more closely at this offer. And whether the ingredients used are up to scratch.

Ingredients found in Ultramuscle Testo Max

Unfortunately there is not a lot of facts available regarding the ingredients used, just a lot of hype.

We would hope to see a label, or even a list of ingredients, but neither are available. What we have instead is a few sentences that basically state that the formula contains “super-active amino acids”.

This is not enough information to prove the claims, and leaves me wondering if any actual benefit can be gained from its use.

I would also be concerned that this supplement could potentially contain ingredients that could cause side effects. We just don’t know what effect this product will have, whether good or bad.

Price of the Ultramuscle Testo Max trial

If you are expecting this to be a free trial then you are going to be disappointed. Most trial offers are not free, and their true price is likely to shock you.

To discover the true cost of Ultramuscle Testo Max you should spend a moment or two reading through its terms and conditions page.

These T&Cs state that there is a £3.95 charge to pay when you first sign up. This is to cover the cost of delivery.

Once this initial charge has been paid you will have 14 days to decide if this product is for you. You will need to contact them to cancel during this trial period, otherwise you will be charged again.

The second charge is £79.95, and you will also find that you will be automatically added to an auto-ship program at the conclusion of the trial.

This means that every month thereafter you will be sent further monthly packages at full price. With these additional deliveries continuing until you contact them to cancel your subscription.

Is the Ultramuscle Testo Max trial offer a scam?

There are some serious issues that stop me from recommending this offer.

Not only is there almost zero ingredient information available, but the cost of this offer is too high as well. The use of auto-shipping is the final straw, and one that is likely to lead to customer complaints.

I would recommend avoiding this offer, there are better and more affordable options available.

Contact details for Ultramuscle Testo Max

To cancel this trial offer you will need the following contact information:

Phone: 0800 909 8498
Email: [email protected]

If you have signed up to this offer then we would love to hear what you though about this product. Please use the comment form found below to leave your own review.

D-BalD-Bal (available from Crazy Bulk) is our recommended alternative.

It is made from proven ingredients that have been shown to mimic the effects of the banned anabolic steroid Dianabol.

The benefits on offer include:

  • Muscle and strength gains
  • Increased nitrogen retention
  • Improved protein synthesis
  • Improved blood flow and oxygen retention

Unlike the steroid it is based on, D-Bal is completely safe to use and is also legal too.

As it is not available for trial there is no hidden charges or auto-shipping to worry about.

Click Here to Read Our Full Review of D-Bal >>




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0 thoughts on “Ultramuscle Testo Max Trial Offer Review: Is it a scam?”

  1. Will Berisford-Ince

    I saw the advertisement on Facebook, endorsed by a celebrity, think it was Ryan Thomas. It said it was being offered and a discount price, can’t remember but it was low. Thought I’d give it a go seeing as it was being promoted by a celebrity. 4 lots of payment came out of my account, probably close to £600, maybe more. At the time I was saving for a deposit on a house so it was very stressful having that amount of money being taken out. I called them up and they said they’d reimburse me for half of the amount, which I never received … It set me back in terms of getting my house so obviously it was very destressing and felt like nothing would happen. To this day I haven’t received anything

  2. Completely mislead and conned into buying a ‘special offer’ of tablets, to find out they had set me up with a monthly subscription that needed up costing me over £750 and a world of problems which meant I needed to close my bank account to stop them from continuing to take funds from my account. Companies/individuals like this should be prosecuted and investigated under Trading Standards and dealt with accordingly. BE WARNED THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY

  3. I do not remember how I got the link for a trial sample try of “Hydro Muscle Max” but I was doing a lot of rowing and thought they may help muscle energy. Since we live in Germany the samples were only possible to deliver to the UK and therefore I used my sister’s address and she posted them onto me. After a few weeks I was very surprised when my sister phoned and said she had another parcel for me. I had no idea what it was but asked her to forward it to me. A few weeks later it arrived and was surprised that it was a jar of the same Hydro Muscle tablets. I had not signed up for a continuing supply of these tablets and so tried through the website to cancel my subscription. This did not seem possible since I could not find a way to do so! The financial burden of these charges caused great stress to my wife and myself because they were unwarranted costs that we had to settle at a time when we needed all our resources in our retirement.

  4. Saw the ad on Facebook.Thought it was a one off payment as this was how it read. Unfortunately it was only 2 months later that I noticed money continuing to be taken out of my a/c! Caused quite a bit of financial and mental issues….!

  5. Despite that even at the time “I knew better” I ended up signing up to Hydro Muscle Max (HMM) because I was feeling somewhat embarrassed about my body, and I suppose I signed up to HMM for similar reasons to so many others, I felt too lazy and too out of time to put the work in of actually going to a gym. It takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication to lose the so called pot belly, mine is small, but big enough to have to hold it in when going out of the house, so when I bumped into HMM I thought I’d investigate it first to see if could actually be a thing.

    I consider myself internet-savvy, I know all the symptoms and signs to look for on website scams or scam emails, and HMM looked like another one, but less “flashy” as opposed to your regular website scams. I looked up reviews and searched “Hydro Muscle Max scam” and other keywords at the time, and I couldn’t find anything on any third party website saying that this was definitely a scam.
    So despite my better judgement, I took the leap and signed up. No pricing was advertised or informed of at any point apart from the shipping cost.

    The pills arrived and I was already being more careful about my diet, so I started taking the pills to further ‘help’ reduce the belly size. Needless to say nothing was happening, I was on them for about 2 weeks I think when my wife confronted me (peacefully) about it. She asked me to stop taking them because who knew what was in those pills, it was clearly a scam, there are no magical diet pills. Of course I knew she was right deep down, and so I stopped, I wasn’t seeing results anyway. I cursed myself for being so stupid, me out of all people who could easily see a scam miles away. But I guess I was desperate to have a flat stomach.

    For a while I didn’t notice I was getting charged £79 every month, I was having a good income for a while (self employed). Money wasn’t being an issue so I didn’t monitor my account so much. One day I knew I had enough money for a groceries shop or two online, as I was purchasing it my payment was rejected. I remember thinking “That can’t be right, I still had about £100+ in there.” But I was wrong, and that’s when I noticed that HMM had deducted just about £79. I was livid… With the company, with myself, but mostly to the person, the one guy or group of guys that were ruthless enough to think this would be a good money scheme, a group of guys that thought taking advantage of people is a good way to make a living, it disgusted me. It disgusted me that there’s people out there that think this way and that it’s okay to do it because everyone else are idiots.

    When it eventually was cancelled, I recall telling my wife about it, and we just lost a few hundred quid on account of my own stupidity and self-criticism, she was all but nice and supportive to me, telling me to just let her know first about anything like this that I might want to get into, and that it was ok, it was just a few hundred, lesson learned and so forth. But I still felt like a moron for falling into it so easily.

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