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ThriveMax Testo Boost Trial Offer Review: Is this offer a scam?


ThriveMax is a supplement that claims to help boost testosterone levels, offering a range of user benefits.

At present this product is available for trial, but would we recommend it? Trial offers have a bad reputation with many leading onto expensive auto-ship programs.

Please continue reading our review to uncover the truth behind the hype.

We do not endorse trial offers. Click here to see which product we recommend as an alternative.

Claimed benefits of ThriveMax

Using ThriveMax is said to help create “a stronger, better you”, but this is not the only claim made by this testosterone booster. It also claims the following benefits:

  • Increases muscle mass
  • Elevates sex drive
  • Promotes hormonal vitality
  • Heightens energy and performance

To check that these claims are accurate you should take a moment or two to check the ingredients of this supplement.

Are these ingredients up to scratch and will they offer the benefits that are claimed?

Looking more closely at the ingredients will also reveal if this product is safe to use too. You most certainly do not want to be using a supplement that could cause side effects to occur.

Ingredients found in ThriveMax

ThriveMax has a label available that lists the following ingredients:

Tribulus Terrestris Fruit Extract (45% Saponins), Fenugreek Seed Extract, Saw Palmetto Berry Extract, Coleus Forskohlii Root Extract, Milk Thistle Seed Powder, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Eurycoma Longifolia Root Extract, Epimedium Extract (aerial parts), Black Pepper Seed Extract (95% Piperine)

While many of these ingredients have been shown to boost free testosterone, there is one concern I have with this label.

These ingredients are listed in a proprietary blend, which means that we do not know the exact dosage of each of these ingredients. This leaves me wondering how effective this product truly is.

Price of the ThriveMax trial

According to the terms and conditions, a single bottle of ThriveMax will cost $59.24, which is not too expensive.

There is no mention of any auto-shipping used.

Is the ThriveMax trial offer a scam?

Looking at the information we have available ThriveMax does not look like a scam.

The terms and conditions do not mention the use of auto-shipping, which is a good sign. While the ingredients used are also likely to offer some benefit.

Our only concern is the use of a proprietary blend, which leaves me wondering how effective this product truly is.

Contact details for ThriveMax

There is an “easy cancel” option available on their website. Alternatively, you could use the following contact information to cancel your order:

Phone: 888-885-0884
Email: [email protected]

Please leave a comment for us below if you have trialled this product.

TestogenOur suggested alternative is the Testogen testosterone booster, which comes highly recommended.

This test booster is made from proven ingredients that offer the following benefits:

  • Increased muscle and strength
  • An increase in stamina
  • Improved stamina
  • Fatigue reduction
  • Improved libido

Testogen is unavailable for trial, the price you see online is the price you will pay. There are no hidden or repeat charges to worry about.

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  1. ordered this about 10 to 12 days ago never received it and now the I try to call the number 888 885 0884 and number doesnt work. Called at 745 am EST and recording said office opens at 800am so called then now the phone number does not work…or no one will answer so yes I would this is obviously a huge scam

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