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Is Testo XL a scam?

Testo XL is a natural performance booster that promises to boost your testosterone levels that will help boost muscle growth, while improving your mood and overall well being.

Unfortunately despite these promising claims there are a number of online complaints that it is a scam. Could this be due to the fact that this supplement is being offered as a trial?

Lets look at Testo XL in more detail to see why it is receiving so many complaints.

We do not endorse trial offers. Click here to see which product we recommend as an alternative.

Claimed benefits of Testo XL?

The following claims have been made on the Testo XL website:

  • Boost testosterone by as much as 140%
  • Increase energy levels by 283%
  • Increase libido by 66%
  • Increase metabolism
  • Reduce body fat percentage
  • Cut recovery time

Although these claims seem impressive, I would worry about any supplement that makes any claim that involves the use of percentages.

The reason for this is that there is no mention of where these percentages have come from. To me it looks as though they have simply been made up.

Ingredients found in Testo XL

Testo XL is made from “5 powerful, natural and scientifically proven ingredients”. These include Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Zinc, D-Aspartic Acid and Tribulus Terrestris.

Unfortunately although these ingredients have indeed been shown to be beneficial there is no mention of the dosages of each ingredient so there is no way of knowing whether this supplement does what claims or not.

Price of Testo XL

As Testo XL is available as a trial you may think that it is free or that you only have to pay a small amount to try it.

Well, this is sort of correct as the initial trial period of 14 days is only £2.95. However, after this period has elapsed you will then be charged an incredible £99.99.

You may also be shocked to hear that you will also receive further monthly packages along with the hefty bill until you cancel your membership.

Testo XL have been clever as they have hidden their payment terms in their T&Cs, which is a common technique used by companies that offer their products via auto shipping.

Is Testo XL a scam?

Although tempting I would recommend that you give Testo XL a wide berth as this trial offer will leave you significantly out of pocket.

In addition the lack of any ingredient information is another worry that you should take heed of.

Contact details for Testo XL

To contact Testo XL you should use the following information:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0800 206 1562

If you have signed up for this trial offer leave a comment below with your experiences.

Click here for our guide to beating online scams.

D-BalWhile increasing your HGH levels are certainly going to help with your strength and muscle gains it is certainly not the only solution available.

My suggestion would be to look at a supplement called D-Bal (available from Crazy Bulk) that you should use alongside a good diet and regular weight training sessions.

D-Bal could offer you the following benefits:

  • An increase in muscle endurance and strength
  • Improved nitrogen retention
  • An increase in muscle mass
  • Improved blood flow during workouts
  • No doctor prescription needed
  • Taken orally (tablet) so no injections
  • 100% legal
  • Safe natural alternative to pure anabolic steroids

This supplement is considerably cheaper than Testo XL, and can be bought without having to sign up for any auto ship program.

Click Here to Read Our Full Review of D-Bal >>


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0 thoughts on “Is Testo XL a scam?”

  1. I ordered the free 30 day trial of Nitric Surge and Max Testo XL. Then my credit card was charged twice for $90.60 and $90.67 after 18 days because, they say, I didn’t cancel after the 18 days. MY bank recognized the scam and asked me if this was a valid charge. The bank called the scam company while I was on the phone and we canceled the product. Little did we know that two days prior the scam company had sent another 30 day supply that they will credit my account if I return the box or refuse shipment.
    It’s called Evergreen billing. Read the fine print. Bad choice on my part. Sleazy Marketing on there part

  2. There wording us not properly worded so that people understand that it is not a trial but that on day 18 you are charged fill price and it will be auto reordered unless you cancel prior to it being automatically being sent out. Also the trial cost is the shipping and handling and then billed the additional $96 and change. What a rip off it didn’t even do anything it promised to do. Be aware do not waist your money.

  3. This is a pure SCAM!! Charge you $98 after 18 day trial. Has no effect. Deceptive business practice to simply make money on a useless product…!!! Don’t do it!!! Sleazy outfit!! Shameful!

  4. Never got a chance to see if it worked because it is a Marketing Scam. Took almost 10 days to receive the product and yet you have only 14 days to cancel From the time the ORDER is Placed. So I called after 18 days ( 4 days of using the product) because I saw a 119.00 charge on my credit card. I was told because I missed it by 3 days I was SOL even though I had only been able to try the product for 4 days. Of course I was reminded of the Terms and Conditions at least a dozen times, even after I Threatened to dispute the charge. This company operates a Scam. The fine print in the terms and conditions which I never did see is legal but try and easily find it?? Even if their product works why would any one buy it after going through this. I said to customer Service if it really works then let people use up the trail bottle and reorder at their convenience!! My advice to my self and others Go to a supplement store and buy it off the shelf. I should have known Better!!!

  5. I recently fell for this scam as it was supposedly backed by the dragons den. The same day i found out about the extortionate subscription charge in the small print i phoned my bank. They told me to contact the company the next morning ,as the number for this supposed company was given to me off my bank I also asked my bank to stop any unortherised payments. I phoned this number and spoke to an full on Asian man called Dean Royce (probably not his real name) from Milton Keynes who said he would cancell and send confirmation to my e-mail ,which they did not do. I checked my bank balance the following day after work and noticed someone had used my details for a bit of on line shopping to the sum of £700.00. I contacted my banks serious fraud office who are refunding my money as i had infomed them about this deviant company , My Bank cancelled my card.
    Everything about this company stinks and should give a wide birth . This practice of misleading people needs to be nipped in the bud. S.O.C.A. Needs to look at this.

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