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Is the Testerect Testosterone Booster a Scam? – Trial Offer Review

Testerect is a supplement that claims to give your body a nitric oxide boost that will give your body strength a pump with “no added exercise”.

Yet despite its many claims doubts still surround this supplement, probably due to it being available for trial. In the past other products offered for trial have turned out to be auto-ship scams.

In this review we will look at Testerect in more detail to see firstly if its claims can be backed up and secondly whether it really offers “free bottles” like it claims.

We do not endorse trial offers. Click here to see which product we recommend as an alternative.

Claimed benefits of Testerect

Testerect supposedly offers the following benefits:

  • Supercharge lean muscle growth
  • Burn fat on abs and chest
  • Cut recovery time in half
  • Boost endurance
  • Increase sex drive and energy

At first glance these claims certainly sound enticing, however it is worth stating that claims are easy to make. Yet backing them up is another matter that very few supplements are capable of.

To check how accurate the claims really are we would need to look at the ingredients used to make Testerect.

Ingredients used in Testerect

The first issue you will find with Testerect is a total lack of information on its ingredients.

Despite claiming to be able to boost testosterone levels there is no indication of what ingredients it contains that can do such a thing.

Not only does this lack of information make me doubt its impressive claims, but also has me wondering whether it contains any ingredients that could potentially cause harm.

Cost of Testerect

At the very top of the Testerect website are the statements “claim free bottles” and “try risk free” but the truth is that both statements are untrue.

As with most trial offers there is nothing free about them, as just 14 days after you sign up for the trial you will be charged £60/$79 for the bottle you have received.

You will also soon discover (unless your cancel your subscription) that further monthly payments will be expected for the further deliveries that are on their way to you every month.

Is Testerect recommended?

We would not recommend Testerect not only due to a lack of ingredient information but also because of their underhand marketing.

If they were more upfront with their payment terms then they would receive fewer complaints. As it stands I suspect there will soon be a deluge of unhappy customers who have signed up for this trial thinking that they were getting a free trial when the reality is far from this.

How to contact Testerect

As there are currently no contact details available onsite if you wish to contact Testerect to cancel your trial I would recommend you visit as this seems to be your best bet.

Please leave a message below to tell us about your experience with this trial offer.

Click here for our guide to beating online scams.

Our recommended alternative to Testerect would be Testogen, a supplement shown to help boost your natural testosterone levels that in turn will help give you those gains you want in both size and strength.

You can buy this supplement outright with no hidden or repeat charges. There is no trial offer so no auto-shipping.

Click Here to Read Our Full Review of Testogen >>


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