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Is the Ripped Muscle Xtreme trial a scam?

Ripped Muscle Xtreme promises to give you a “ripped, muscular body as quickly as possible” but can you truly believe these claims?

Especially when you realise that this supplement is available for trial, which is a common ploy designed to get you to sign up for an auto-ship program.

In this review we will look at this supplement in more detail to discover what the truth is and whether we would recommend the trial offer or not.

We do not endorse trial offers. Click here to see which product we recommend as an alternative.

Claimed benefits of Ripped Muscle Xtreme

Ripped Muscle Xtreme has made some pretty incredible claims. Before rushing into signing up for the offer however it is important to check how accurate the claims are and whether they can be backed up.

The following claims have been made:

  • Get ripped now
  • Gain strength fast
  • Build muscle easily
  • Boost energy naturally
  • Maximise sex drive

As stated above it is important to look for truth that these claims are accurate, which means that we will need to look closely at the ingredients found in Ripped Muscle Xtreme.

Ingredients found in Ripped Muscle Xtreme

Disappointingly there is no mention of what ingredients are found in Ripped Muscle Xtreme. The only information available is that it contains “natural ingredients”, which is simply not enough information to check its benefits are realistic or not.

When looking at supplements this information is important as otherwise you could potentially be taking something that will cause no effect, or worse still could cause potential side effects.

Without the ingredient information there is no way of knowing what effect the supplement will have on you.

Cost of Ripped Muscle Xtreme

As with most trial offers you will likely come away feeling ripped off by the high cost.

When signing up you will be charged for postage, with the cost not available to view at all online. Then just 10 days later you will be charged the full purchase price of $87.63, which is a lot considering there is no proof that it works.

To make matters worse further monthly packages will be sent to you along with the high cost.

As always this information is not immediately viewable by the user as it is hidden away in the terms and conditions.

Would we call this trial a scam?

The problem with trial offers like this is that its payment information is not immediately viewable, which will obviously lead to complaints that it is a scam once the true cost is revealed to them.

Coupled with the lack of proof of its claims, my suggestion would be to avoid this trial and to look for an alternative.

How to cancel your trial?

I would suggest that you contact Ripped Muscle Xtreme using one of the following methods to cancel your trial offer:

Telephone: 1-855-204-7725
Email: [email protected]

If you have been unfortunate enough to have signed up for this trial offer then I would love to hear your comments. Please leave a message below.

Click here for our guide to beating online scams.

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