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Why should you avoid the Real Nitro trial offer?

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Do you want to build muscle and endurance? Well, if you do then the Real Nitro trial offer maybe just what you are looking for.

Problem is can we believe the claims that it makes? What about its cost, aren’t trial offers like this just a front for an auto ship scam?

Read on to discover the truth about Real Nitro.

We do not endorse trial offers. Click here to see which product we recommend as an alternative.

Claimed benefits of Real Nitro

Real Nitro supposedly offers the following benefits to its users:

  • Build lean muscle
  • Reinvent your body
  • Improve endurance

These claims are certainly not the most outrageous we have seen, but regardless it is always best to check how accurate they are by looking at what ingredients have been used to create this supplement.

Ingredients found in Real Nitro

Unlike some other supplements we have previously reviewed Real Nitro has its label on view so you can see exactly what goes into it.

The main ingredient is L-Arginine, which is an amino acid that offers numerous benefits. It also contains L-Citrulline, another amino acid.

These are good ingredients to be fair, but whether we are going to recommend it or not depends on the price of this supplement.

Price of Real Nitro

Unfortunately as with most trial offers there is a charge to be expected at the end of the trial period.

What is confusing is that Real Nitro have listed both $81.37 and $84.95 as the price, but which is the true cost?

Either way this is overpriced, with the auto-shipping another big turn-off.

Is Real Nitro a scam?

Despite using good ingredients it is impossible to recommend Real Nitro as there are plenty of other supplements available on the market with similar ingredients that cost a fraction of its high price.

One thing I do not like about trial offers is that they are rarely upfront regarding their price, this is the case with Real Nitro too, with the price hidden away in the terms and conditions.

How to cancel the trial?

If you want to avoid being charged the full purchase price you will need to contact Real Nitro before the trial period has concluded.

While it is best to phone them on (888) 927-2877, there is also an email address to contact them too [email protected]

Please leave a message below using our comment form if you have signed up for this particular trial offer.

Click here for our guide to beating online scams.

An alternative to Real Nitro is a Dianabol substitute by the name of D-Bal.

This supplement is sold online by Crazy Bulk, and as it is unavailable for trial there is no need to worry about experiencing any hidden or repeat charges.

Benefits of D-Bal include:

  • Increases in both muscle mass and strength
  • Quick results
  • Improved nitrogen retention
  • Improved blood flow
  • No side effects

Click Here to Read Our Full Review of D-Bal >>


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0 thoughts on “Why should you avoid the Real Nitro trial offer?”

  1. Yes Definitely review the “Fine Print” They send you 30-day supplements, but if you do not contact them within 14 days then they will charge you the full price (do note they do this without sending a notification or reminder). They are unable to refund (for me it was $89.95) the money because it was after the 14 day period. I am going to send back the bottles and request my money back. I have been taking them for 3 weeks and haven’t seen any difference. They will give you a reduced “lifetime” discount up to 65% if you attempt to cancel.

  2. Fernand Pelletier

    This is what I sent to realnitro:
    To whom it may concern. Please credit back the charges of $89.95 and $89.94 that you guys fraudulently charged on my credit card concerning the FREE trial order of RealNitro and PowerTestro. My bank has been notified that this is FRAUD and you guys will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The original order # is 2887712 with a ref#/custPO# of 335090. Your product is weak and lousy and is a SCAM to extort more money from innocent consumers accounts.. I did not like it at all and did send it back to you.. Your advertisement never mentioned that you were going to AUTOMATICALLY charge the credit card that was given to pay the shipping and handling. Therefore this is False advertising and the UN-Authorized charges to my credit card is FRAUD and is a SCAM. You guys have been exposed as a scam. You will stop all Charges to this credit card and stop all shipments of your lousy product to my address. You will credit $89.95 and $89.94 back to my credit card given. Also because you guys lied and deceived about the hidden charges I would like the $4.95 and the $4.94 credited back to my card as well because of all the hassle I am now having to go through just to stop your fraudulent/un-authorized charges. I will forward my comments in a negative way on face-book and twitter to make sure no one else falls for this SCAM. I hope you guys go out of business

    Fern Pelletier
    at [email protected]

  3. I do not want any more of your product. Please do not send me any more of your product. Do not bill my credit card for any more payment. I want confirmation that I will not receive any more of your product and that I will not be billed any more on my credit card either.

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