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Is ProGain 350 a scam?

If you believe the hype then ProGain 350 will help make your body “lean, cut, hard and ripped”.

Well, in this review we are going to see whether this supplement can do what it claims or whether it is a scam.

We do not endorse trial offers. Click here to see which product we recommend as an alternative.

Claims made by ProGain 350

ProGain 350 have made the following claims on their website:

  • Get a tight, ripped body fast
  • Defined, six pack abs
  • Awesome energy boost
  • Body fat burned away
  • Peak testosterone
  • Toned, hard muscles

While this all sounds impressive you need to remember that no supplement will help you get results without a lot of your own hard work.

If you believe that taking a pill will give you the gains you desire then you will be mistaken and disappointed. Your diet and the effort you put into your workouts are much more important.

That being said it is important that we look at the ingredients of ProGain 350 to see if any of the above benefits are realistic.

Ingredients found in ProGain 350

While ProGain 350 makes some big claims, unfortunately like so many supplements before it they cannot be backed up with science.

There is no mention whatsoever regarding ingredients so I cannot believe the claims that they have made.

Cost of ProGain 350

As with most trial offers ProGain 350 is available for a small postage fee (£5.99), however this only covers a 14 day period.

After this time has elapsed you will be charged £89.99, which is ridiculous since there is no proof that this supplement even works.

It is highly unlikely that you will have much opportunity to trial the product either, as delivery can take as long as 10 days to arrive.

You should also be aware that signing up for this trial offer also allows the manufacturer to ship monthly packages of ProGain 350 to you, while billing you the extortionate amount too.

If this information is a surprise to you, it is likely that you are not alone as it is hidden away in the terms and conditions.

Is ProGain 350 a scam?

There is nothing to recommend about ProGain 350, for those unfortunate enough to sign up for the trial you are likely to feel scammed, which is unsurprising since this supplement is overpriced and has zero proof that it works.

Contact details for ProGain 350

If you wish to contact ProGain 350 you may struggle to locate any contact information as it is not viewable on the website.

Again, you will have to read the T&Cs to find out this information, which luckily for you I have already done:

Phone: +31 20 8084782
Email: [email protected]

If you have signed up for this trial offer then please leave a message below with your experiences.

Click here for our guide to beating online scams.

D-BalIf you are looking for a proven alternative to ProGain 350 then you need look no further than D-Bal, which is sold online by Crazy Bulk without ever having to sign up for a trial.

D-Bal offers the following benefits:

  • Increased muscle endurance and strength
  • Improved nitrogen retention
  • Increase in muscle mass
  • Increased blood flow during workouts
  • 100% legal
  • Safe and natural alternative to the popular steroid Dianobol

Used alongside a good diet and weight training you will soon start to see some significant increases in both strength and muscle mass.

Click Here to Read Our Full Review of D-Bal >>

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0 thoughts on “Is ProGain 350 a scam?”

  1. You can contact them easily in two ways for cancellation:
    A. Send an email to [email protected] and indicate your name, address, email address and request cancellation;
    B. Call the customer service line at 0044-203-129-3643 and provide your name, address, email address and request cancellation.

  2. The advert said free trial costs only £4.00 for Elite Gain 350 but after paying yesterday 25th feb, I got email that I’m paying £99+and further payments . This was hidden from the main advert. I’ve contacted my back and most importantly the card company to stop payment. Only after the scam did I began searching google and found other’s experience. This has been on for almost 2 years and no one is stopping them. why is sky news accepting their advert.

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  4. Yep I got scammed too “Do’h”!!! I rang the bank and cancelled my card so they cant charge it. They only have taken out the delivery charge of 4 bucks but nothing more yet. Least they cant charge me anymore!!!

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