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Should you trial Power Pump XL?

Power Pump XL promises to help you to “build muscle faster”, yet despite this claim I have doubts about this supplement. No doubt this comes from a preconception that all trial offers are a scam.

Well, this thought has some merit as some of the supplements and trial offers previously reviewed onsite have turned out to be just that, but is it the case with Power Pump XL?

Read on to discover the truth about Power Pump XL and whether we would recommend it for trial?

We do not endorse trial offers. Click here to see which product we recommend as an alternative.

Claims made by Power Pump XL

Power Pump XL has made some pretty impressive sounding claims:

  • Build lean muscle
  • Boost load capacity
  • Maximise full body recovery
  • Improve muscularity

We say this in most of our reviews that you should ignore the stated benefits but look for actual proof that the product works as claimed.

If the claims cannot be proven then in essence they are worthless.

Ingredients of Power Pump XL

Looking for ingredients is a sure-fire way of discovering how effective a supplement truly is, which is why it is pleasing to see that Power Pump XL have included an image of their product label on their website.

Upon viewing it you can see that this supplement contains L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, L-Ornithine and L-Glutamine that are all amino acids that can offer various benefits.

Power Pump XL also contains other energy boosters too in its formula so I can safely conclude that using this product will certainly offer some benefit to your own training efforts.

Cost of Power Pump XL

Unfortunately there is not one mention of the cost of Power Pump XL, not even in the terms and conditions.

There is a brief mention that you only have to pay the cost of shipping but this information is also unavailable.

In the past trial offers like this turn out to be expensive after the trial period concludes, whether this is the case with Power Pump XL remains to be seen.

What I do know is that personally I would not sign up for a trial that could potentially cost over $100.

Is Power Pump XL a scam?

The ingredients found in Power Pump XL seem good so I can certainly see some benefit from taking this supplement.

What lets the trial down though is the lack of information on its cost. It seems strange for this information to be missing.

How to contact Power Pump XL?

You should contact Power Pump XL using the following phone number: (866) 938-8041

If you have trialled this product please leave your own review below.

Click here for our guide to beating online scams.

While we cannot recommend the Power Pump XL trial, there is one supplement in particular that we would recommend.

This supplement is called D-Bal and it is available to buy online from Crazy Bulk.

Using this supplement will help promote strength and muscle gains as it works in a similar fashion to Dianobal, the banned yet still popular anabolic steroid.

The prices are available for view and as there is no trial there are no hidden charges or repeat shipments.

Click Here to Read Our Full Review of D-Bal >>


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0 thoughts on “Should you trial Power Pump XL?”

  1. Hi, just to add some info to your review
    when you go to the free trial page, you put in your postage information and then the next page tells you (in fine print) that you are ordering the free trial, and that in two weeks’ time you will be sent another bottle and automatically charged $74.95, and sent a new bottle and charged every month thereafter until you cancel. With about half an hour of searching i finally figured out how to cancel. so i have ordered my free trial but would really prefer a little clearer info on the original site and not have to scrounge for it.
    a men’s health article has outlined a good way to use this product in conjunction with “TestoXL” and that’s what I’m going to follow to see how it works.
    I will probably write up a review of my own detailing how i used them and the results i gain when I’m done, if you’re interested in having a look, email me at [email protected]

  2. I have ordered this product, I did it with a pre pay credit card so when I cancel the subscription I cannot be charged.
    They sent an email after I ordered with contact details and instructions on how to cancel. I was charged approx £4 for delivery. After 4 days I canceled and received confirmation.
    I have to say I didn’t expect the goods to show up, but they did! And they do have an effect. Not totally sure of the actual results yet, but they do give the same feel as many of the other effective products on the market.
    I have been scammed by these trials before but I believe this one is good.

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