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My Beast Power Muscle Enhancer Trial Offer Review – Is it a scam?

My Beast Power

My Beast Power is a supplement that claims to help you get the most out of your workouts, which will result in “mind-blowing results” being received.

The following review will look at this offer in more detail to discover firstly whether it is as effective as claimed, and secondly whether the overall offer is worth signing up to.

If you are trying to gain muscle and strength and are wondering if you should give this product a try then I would suggest that you continue reading. We will soon unveil the truth behind the claims.

We do not endorse trial offers. Click here to see which product we recommend as an alternative.

Claimed benefits of My Beast Power

My Beast Power makes a number of claims:

  • Build 35% more muscle mass
  • Look up to 55% more ripped
  • Increase strength by up to 46%
  • Increase shredding by up to 32%

Where do these percentages come from? There does not seem to be any reference to any studies or surveys so my initial thought is that these numbers are just made up.

To check if the claims are accurate I would suggest that you look to see what ingredients have been used.

This is the most effective method of checking both the effectiveness of a product, plus whether it is safe to use too.

Ingredients found in My Beast Power

Unfortunately there is no label available on their website, so no way of knowing the dosages, nor the full ingredient list.

What we can gather from the website is that the following ingredients have been used:

  • Creatine Monohydrate – Helps to build lean muscle mass
  • L-Isoleucine – Helps boost endurance and aids recovery after a workout
  • L-Valine – Helps boost your metabolism, resulting in calories and body fat being burnt

Depending on the dosages of these ingredients there is likely to be some benefit to using this product. Of course as mentioned earlier we have no way of knowing what dosages are present.

True cost of the My Beast Power trial offer

There is zero pricing information available on the main sales page. You will need to read through the terms and conditions located at the very bottom of the website to discover the true cost of this trial offer.

These T&Cs state that once you sign up to this offer you have 14 days to decide if you wish to keep the product. Failure to cancel the trial means that you are charged $89.90.

You will soon discover that you have been automatically added to an auto-ship program that will ship you further monthly packages at full price.

As with most auto-ship programs these shipments and charges will be sent until you contact My Beast Power to cancel the subscription.

Is the My Beast Power trial a scam?

There are numerous problems with this offer that make it impossible to recommend.

First is the claims, which seem made up, but are also unproven due to the lack of ingredient information.

The second issue and possible the biggest is the price of this product, it is simply too high, with the use of auto-shipping surely going to lead to complaints from users who are unaware of the hidden charges.

I would suggest that you avoid this offer and to look for an alternative. There are plenty of options available.

Contact details for My Beast Power

To cancel this trial offer you will need to use the following contact information:

Phone: 1-800-994-7656
Email: [email protected]

Please leave a comment for us below if you have signed up to this offer.

Click here for our guide to beating online scams.

D-BalOur recommended alternative is D-Bal, a product that you can buy online via the Crazy Bulk website.

D-Bal is made from ingredients that have been designed to mimic the benefits of the anabolic steroid Dianabol, but without the associated side effects.

The benefits you can experience include:

  • Muscle and strength gains
  • Blood flow increase
  • Better oxygen retention

You can buy D-Bal legally and without having to sign up for a trial, which means that you will not encounter any hidden or repeat charges.

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