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What is wrong with the MaxMan Power offer?

The MaxMan Power supplement promises to help “build 35% more muscle mass in less than 30 days”, which is quite a statement.

In this review we will look at how this supplement works and whether it can do what it claims to do. We will also look to see if this supplement is good value for money, or if there are any hidden charges that we need to know about.

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Claimed benefits of MaxMan Power

MaxMan Power claims to help its users:

  • Look 55% more ripped
  • Increase strength by up to 46%
  • Increase shredding by up to 32%

Now, while these sound impressive I would be wary of any supplement that uses claims like these with percentages.

For a start they sound a little too good to be true, and also there does not seem to be any proof of where these percentages have come from.

If you really want to see how effective a supplement really is then you will need to look at its ingredients.

Ingredients used to make MaxMan Power

Unfortunately there is zero information available on the ingredients used to make MaxMan Power.

No label, nor even a mention of one of its ingredients makes me doubt the claims made, while also making me think about potentially dangerous ingredients that could be present.

When choosing a supplement it is extremely important that you know exactly what it is you are putting into your body.

Price of MaxMan Power

I am pleased to see that MaxMan Power are upfront regarding the cost of its supplement with a one bottle of 60 pills costing £110.

There are other packages that bring the cost down, but this supplement is still overpriced.

Whats more is that buying any package also means that you are signing up to an auto-ship program too, where further monthly packages will be sent out to you with the £110 charge.

Would we recommend MaxMan Power?

There is little to recommend about MaxMan Power, it is extremely expensive and there are big question marks regarding its effectiveness.

If I were you then I would look for an alternative.

Contact details for MaxMan Power

At the time of writing this review there were no contact details available onsite.

If you have tried MaxMan Power and would like to leave a review of your experiences then please do by using the comment form below.

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D-BalIf you want to find a more cost effective alternative to MaxMan Power then I would suggest that you take a look at D-Bal, a supplement for sale at the Crazy Bulk website.

D-Bal has been created to mimic the benefits of the banned steroid Dianabol, yet is totally safe and legal to buy.

Using D-Bal can help to:

  • Boost both your muscle and strength
  • Ensure you see faster results
  • Increase nitrogen retention and blood flow

D-Bal has been shown to work with numerous user testimonials to back up its claims. It comes highly recommended.

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