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Maxeral Review – Would We Recommend This Testosterone Booster?


Using Maxeral is claimed to help you “unleash your inner beast”. But how does this testosterone booster work?

The following review will look at this offer in more detail, whether its claims are realistic, whether the supplement itself is up to scratch and whether the overall offer is good value for money?

If you are considering signing up for this trial offer then I would highly recommend that you continue reading. We will soon reveal whether this supplement is worthy of recommendation.

We do not endorse trial offers. Click here to see which product we recommend as an alternative.

Claimed Benefits Of Maxeral

According to the website, Maxeral offers the following user benefits:

  • Increase muscle mass
  • Increased sex drive
  • Increase strength
  • Improve hormone production

To check how accurate these claims are we are going to have to take a much closer look at the supplement itself. What ingredients have been used and are they likely to offer the benefits claimed?

Ingredients Found In Maxeral

Unfortunately, there is almost zero ingredient information available to view online. Even when looking at the product packaging the only ingredient information we can see is that L-Arginine has been used.

L-Arginine can help build muscle mass and as it is a precursor for Nitric Oxide it can also help promote endurance and muscle conditioning.

This is because when Nitric Oxide is released into your bloodstream it causes your blood vessels to widen by relaxing the muscle walls. This helps move more oxygen and nutrients around your body.

Without the dosage information, we cannot see how beneficial this product can be. There may even be other ingredients present, for example, filler ingredients that can lessen the benefits of the L-Arginine or potentially dangerous ingredients that could cause side effects to occur.

Price Of The Maxeral Trial Offer

Maxeral is available either with a one-off payment or as a trial.

If you wish to purchase it immediately there is a $49 fee to pay. Otherwise, the trial will set you back just $4.95.

However, with this trial, you must note that you only have 14 days to decide if you wish to keep the product. Otherwise, you will be charged the full purchase price.

The trial also leads onto an auto-ship program, so failure to cancel the trial will mean that further packages will be sent to you and that further charges are to be expected.

To stop these auto-shipments you must contact them to cancel within the trial period.

Is Maxeral Recommended?

There are a couple of reasons why we cannot recommend Maxeral to you.

We cannot recommend a supplement that may not work and may cause harm.

Also, while the cost is not too high when compared to similar offers, we cannot recommend the trial option as these types of offers are often difficult to cancel.

With these facts at hand, I would suggest that you look for an alternative. There are better options available for you if you are looking for that little extra boost to your training.

Contact Details For Maxeral

If you have any issues with this trial offer then I would recommend that you phone them using the following number: 1-800-210-7831

I would also recommend that you speak to your bank to ensure no further charges are taken out of your account. A common complaint made by those who signed up to similar offers is how difficult it is to cancel these types of offer.

Sometimes the customer will receive many months of supplements, with charges before the payments are stopped.

If you have signed up to this offer then we would love to hear from you. Please leave your own review of this supplement below using the comment form provided.

D-BalOur suggested alternative would be D-Bal, which you can find for sale online at the Crazy Bulk website.

Made from 100% natural ingredients, this supplement has been shown to mimic the effects of Dianabol, the banned anabolic steroid known for its muscle-building ability.

The benefits to be gained from using D-Bal include:

  • Gains in both muscle and strength
  • Better nitrogen retention
  • Increased protein synthesis
  • Improved blood flow
  • An increase in oxygen retention

There is no reason to worry about buying from Crazy Bulk, none of their products are available for trial. So no hidden charges or auto-shipments to worry about.

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