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Fortraxitone Review : Is this testosterone booster a scam?


Fortraxitone is a testosterone booster and performance enhancer that claims to deliver “mind-blowing results”.

In our review, we will look more closely at this offer to see exactly what benefits can be gained from its use. We will also look at the terms of the offer to check that there are no hidden charges.

Checking the terms is an important step when looking at trials, as often they cost more than you may expect.

Please read on to uncover our findings for yourself.

We do not endorse trial offers. Click here to see which product we recommend as an alternative.

Claimed benefits of Fortraxitone

According to their website, using Fortraxitone will ensure you experience the following user benefits:

  • Boosts testosterone
  • Increases sex drive
  • Boosts muscle growth
  • Maximises size in every way
  • Enhances sexual stamina
  • Gain strength fast
  • Reinvent your body

Those who read these claims will be tempted to sign up for the offer without looking for additional proof. I would not recommend that you do this.

At the very least you should check what ingredients have been used as this is the most effective method of checking the claims are accurate.

Ingredients found in Fortraxitone

Unfortunately, while the claims are impressive there is no ingredient information available on their website to back them up.

I would hope to have found a label with dosages, but there is not even a mention of any ingredient.

This makes it impossible to prove the benefits and leaves me wondering if any benefit can be gained from its use.

My biggest worry is that Fortraxitone could potentially contain an ingredient that can cause a reaction or side effects. Without knowing the ingredients used we just do not know what effect this supplement can have.

Price of the Fortraxitone trial offer

If you think that because Fortraxitone is available for trial it won’t cost you a penny then you are going to be disappointed.

Having read the terms and conditions, which I would always recommend, I can reveal that there is a £4.94 shipping charge to pay when you first sign up for this offer.

Once paid you will be allowed 14 days to try out the product. After this time has elapsed you will be charged again, with this second charge being £97.83.

Fortraxitone operates an auto-ship program, so failure to cancel the trial will mean that you are going to receive further monthly packages.

Of course, each package received will need to be paid for in full.

Is the Fortraxitone trial a scam?

Would we recommend signing up for the Fortraxitone trial offer? Our answer would be a resounding no.

The reason for this answer is because of a lack of ingredient information, which leaves us doubting the claimed benefits. And secondly due to the high price and use of auto-shipping.

Similar offers in the past have led to customer complaints and I can see similar negative reviews coming from customers too.

My suggestion to you would be to do your research before you ever sign up for a trial offer. Most are best left alone.

Contact details for Fortraxitone

The contact details for Fortraxitone are as follows:

Phone: +44 (20) 315-02043
Email: [email protected]

Returns (you must phone for an RMA before you return the product):

PO Box 7607
MK11 9JF, UK

If you have trialled this product then we would love to hear from you. Please leave your own review of your experience using the comment form found below.

D-BalOur suggested alternative that comes highly recommended by those who have used it is D-Bal, which is available to buy online via the Crazy Bulk website.

This supplement is designed to replace the now-banned anabolic steroid Dianabol, as it offers similar benefits but with none of the side effects.

These benefits include:

  • Gains in both muscle and strength
  • Better nitrogen retention
  • An increase in protein synthesis
  • Improved blood flow and oxygen retention

D-Bal is also 100% legal to both buy and use, and since it is not available for trial you won’t have to worry about encountering any hidden or repeat charges.

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0 thoughts on “Fortraxitone Review : Is this testosterone booster a scam?”

  1. it is a pure fucking con ,i would have never have took the free trail if i new it would cost me £94.07. in fact yous stated that Dr Christian Jessen would back yous up by apprearing on ITV THIS MORNING PROGRAM to talk about the capsules ,i have been phoning yous the last 3 days to get an RMA from to get a refund on order #;333568 code STM-01 product STAMILIN plus a refund on my money yous took out my bank account after my free trail i also sent yous a Email but the Email Customerservice@Fortraxitone, does not Exist it just a scam,yous dont even put the price of the capsules on the invoice or your contact no.that yous send out ,cause people like me could never aford £97.08 a month when we are not working.

    1. Jay - Skinny2Fit

      Hugh, we do not endorse trial offers like this. I would recommend using the contact details provided in the above review to cancel. I would also recommend that you speak to your bank.

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