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Does The Do The Unthinkable Food & Fitness System Work?

Does Do The Unthinkable work?

There are a lot of diet and exercise systems out there at the moment that makes a number of promises.

Ultrafast weight loss and incredible muscle gains in a short period of time. The claims are outlandish and unrealistic and just help to destroy the motivation for people who want to improve their lifestyle.

Is the Do The Unthinkable system the same, or does it offer a genuine way to improve your health and get into shape?[toc]

Introducing you to the Do The Unthinkable Concept

DTU - workouts

The Do The Unthinkable concept is a simple one.

Eat healthily, exercise regularly and stick to your new healthier lifestyle. It sounds simple and that’s because it is simple.

What the Do The Unthinkable system does differently to all of the others out there on the market is it provides you with all of the tools you need to succeed. It also helps to keep you motivated as well.

Too many programmes give you the tools, but expect results too quickly and don’t offer a support network for if you begin to feel unmotivated due to not achieving their unrealistic goals.

Do The Unthinkable changes that by giving you realistic goals. All of the tools you need and keep you motivated to achieve your goals.

How Is This Diet Meant to Work

Do The Unthinkable food

It works because it’s not a “diet” in the way that people usually mean it.

A diet implies that you change your choice of food for a short while until you have lost weight, and then you go back to eating what made you unhealthy in the first place. The Do The Unthinkable system does not do this.

Do The Unthinkable offers a lifestyle shift. It provides you with healthy meals, that are tasty and nutritious and never expects you to go back to your previous unhealthy diet again.

By providing meals that are enjoyable as well as healthy. Do The Unthinkable is making sure that there is less chance of falling off the wagon. And more chance of sticking to your new lifestyle choice forever.

The Food & Fitness Balance

Do The Unthinkable Meals

Food and fitness are both vitally important to being healthy. If you’re not eating right then you may be able to gain some level of personal fitness from exercise, but you’re still not going to reach your peak and your insides may not look as good as your outside does.

You can also eat healthily but not do any exercise and your body can be weak. More importantly, your heart and lungs will suffer due to your lack of exercise.

Do The Unthinkable solves this by focussing on both food and fitness.

As well as a full meal plan the system includes a curated exercise regime that will ensure you are looking after your body both on the inside and on the outside.

The Company Behind Do The Unthinkable

MuscleFood website

Muscle Food is the company behind the Do The Unthinkable programme. Created as a reaction to the hundreds of questions they were being asked about how to get the most from eating the food that the company provided.

Muscle Food decided to create a complete diet and exercise programme to help people achieve their goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

They felt that they were able to do this for a number of reasons.

Firstly they are the UK’s biggest provider of healthy fresh food to athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.

The expertise they had gained from this meant they could provide the perfect balance for meal plans. They then got the expert advice from a licensed personal trainer to create their exercise plan.

This means that they have transitioned from a food company to a company that also provides health and fitness advice overnight. Just like they rose to the top of the healthy, fresh food market, they intend to do the same with the Do The Unthinkable system.

Is Do The Unthinkable Cheaper Than Going to a Gym?


The simple answer to this question is one million times yes.

While the food for a month may cost more than a monthly gym membership. You have to remember that a gym membership doesn’t include your meals for the month in with the price. This instantly puts a gym membership at a disadvantage.

The next benefit that Do The Unthinkable has over a gym membership is that the personal trainer support is included in with the price.

In order to use a personal trainer, and have a complete exercise programme, in a gym would cost more than the Do The Unthinkable system costs.

This means that for less than the price of a gym membership and personal trainer services. You get your complete meals, a complete exercise regime and access to support from a personal trainer.

This doesn’t even include the other benefits to the Do The Unthinkable programme. Like a free recipe book and a DVD set of the complete 12-week workout plan.

In terms of value for money, there is only one winner, and it’s not the gym.

A Good Option For Those Seeking a Convenient Diet & Fitness Guide

Complete Diet and Fitness Plan

If you want something that is easy to follow, simple to prepare and is all laid out for you then the Do The Unthinkable system is perfect for you.

With each week’s meals delivered to your door you don’t have to go out shopping to get all of your ingredients for the week. This cuts down on preparation time immensely.

As well as this each meal has a selection of simple to follow instructions that make it easy to prepare. This means that you don’t have to worry about creating complex recipes if you’re not confident in the kitchen.

The exercise programme is just as easy to follow too. Everything is all laid out for you so you can get right on with your workout.

The videos make the workouts easy to follow. If you are still struggling there is a glossary of exercises to help you make sure you’re carrying them out correctly.

Pricing & Subscription Options

The pricing for the Do The Unthinkable programme is simple to follow and is great value.

There are 3 different meal plans for the system with each one offering different levels of dedication.

Meal Plan Prices

The first plan is the Weekend Off plan. This provides 5 days worth of meals, providing 30 meals and costs just £2 per meal.

The second plan is the One Day Off plan. This provides 6 days worth of meals, providing 36 meals and costs just £1.91 per meal.

The Third plan is the No Days Off plan. This provides 7 days worth of meals, providing 42 meals and costs just £1.81 per meal.

All plans are charged weekly and can be cancelled at any time. Although with the quality of meals on offer and the results that you will get the chances of you not being satisfied are incredibly slim.

Seems That You Can’t Fail If You Follow Their System

As long as you carry out the instructions you can’t fail. The meals are all designed to give you just the right levels of nutrition and the exercise programme will have you shedding fat and building muscle in no time at all.

The Do The Unthinkable system is like any diet and exercise programme in that if you don’t give it everything then you won’t get anything out of it.

The difference between Do The Unthinkable and other systems is that every single tool you might need to make your job easier is given to you.

Unless you don’t put in any effort at all, Do The Unthinkable makes it impossible to fail.

See how much weight John lost thanks to the Do the Unthinkable programme:

John's Weight Loss

You can join John and many others in their journey on the Do The Unthinkable group chat on Facebook, which seems to be full with motivated people and successful weight loss journeys.

Steve – the Motivator

Steve - the Motivator

The Muscle Food personal trainer, Steve, ensures that you stay motivated on your journey towards improved health and fitness.

Offering live-streamed workouts, Facebook live question and answer sessions and nutrition tips. Steve offers you everything you need to succeed with the Do The Unthinkable programme.

Unlike most other systems on the market where you’re left to your own devices. Do The Unthinkable makes sure that you are given the support you need to push through those difficult first few weeks.

You will never feel alone with the support and motivation that Steve gives you throughout your journey.

Final Thoughts

The Do The Unthinkable programme is designed to help anyone embark on a fat loss journey.

As well as this it lays the foundations for a long term lifestyle shift towards being more healthy.

This is unique in the fitness market as most systems are geared towards short term results so they can continue to sell you the same products over and over again. Do The Unthinkable is aimed at a 12-week course to give you all of the tools you need to change your life forever.

If you want to make a lasting change to your life then there is no competition that even manages to come close to the Do The Unthinkable programme.

It has better food options, better workouts and a much better support network. If you want to improve your health and lose weight then there is only one sensible choice, Do The Unthinkable.

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