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11 Worst People at the Gym

If you are a regular gym-goer then no doubt you have come across a few people in your time that have irritated you by their behaviour.

But who are the worst people at the gym? Read through the list and find out. I hope you are not one of these stereotypes.

#1: That guy who loves his phone

On the phone in the gym

You know the guy, the one who spends most of his time yapping on the phone, yet never actually see doing any lifting.

There is nothing more annoying that waiting to use a piece of equipment that is being hogged by someone not even using it.

#2: The show off

Taking selfies in the gym

You know the sort, that guy who is posing in the mirror while taking a selfie.

Of course you should be proud of your gains, but perhaps if you want to see a few more your time would be better off lifting rather than posing.

#3: The guy that stinks

Stinky in the gym

If you are working out then chances are you are going to be sweating.

Unfortunately for some of us that means you are going to be spreading your sweat over every machine and piece of equipment you use.

If this is you, please do us a favour and have a shower and use some deodorant before you visit the gym. Also, would it kill you to wipe down the equipment after you have used it.

#4: The guy that sings

Singing in the gym

We all need a little music in our lives to workout to, but when you actually start singing along to it that is where I draw the line.

Not only are you unlikely to be any good, but your wailing is distracting me from my own lifting.

#5: The guy who tries to pick up the girls

Flirting in the gym

I am sure most girls (and guys) that visit the gym are not on the look out for their next partner.

For a start they are probably not looking or feeling their hottest, so please just leave the flirting till you hit the club.

#6: The overenthusiastic encourager

Overenthusiastic in the gym

This person has gone to the gym with a friend, and with each lift they audibly scream their encouragement.

Sometimes we all need that little boost, but perhaps tone it down a bit. There are others working out here too.

#7: The screamer

Screaming in the gym

Similarly all you guys who scream with every rep, then launch the weights after you have completed your set. Perhaps calm down a bit.

#8: The guy who rests for an eternity

Resting in the gym

Yes, resting between sets is advisable, but do you really need to be sat there 20 minutes after your last set?

There are others in the gym. At least let them use the equipment too.

#9: Those who hoard

Hoarding in the gym

There are only so many dumbbells you can lift at one time. Usually 3 unless you are some kind of mutant.

However, some seem to think that it is acceptable to have half the dumbbell rack at their side waiting for the next exercise.

Perhaps a better idea would be to have a smaller circuit and only use those that you immediately need.

#10: The super-setter

Supersetting in the gym

Super-setting is a great way to maximise your time at the gym as it will allow you to work various muscle groups while another is resting.

The problem arises when the gym is busy, with many people waiting to use the equipment you cant claim 2-3 machines at once.

Perhaps wait for a quieter time for this.

#11: The guy who knows everything

Gym advice

While the occasional bit of advice from a more experienced lifter is welcomed, when they start dishing their advice about everything then it may become a little uncomfortable.

For most we would just rather be left alone to lift without unwanted advice.

#12: Those who take up the whole gym

Taking up room in gym

When lifting you need a bit of personal space, not only for preference but to make sure your lifts are safe too.

What you don’t need is someone invading this space.

#13: The guy who lifts too heavy

Gym injury

Who are you trying to impress? Of course you need to push yourself to see those gains, but you are only going to injure yourself if you attempt to lift more than you can manage.


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