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Things We Can Learn From Crossfit to Boost Our Own Training

Things We Can Learn From Crossfit

When it comes to Crossfit, those who perform it are either ridiculed or lauded, there does not seem to be a happy medium.

Yet despite its critics, the popularity of Crossfit continues to grow with a report from CNBC [1] showing that there are now over 13,000 gyms in over 120 countries.

This is a dramatic rise in popularity since 2005 when there were just 15.

So with so many Crossfitters worldwide is there something we can learn from this movement?

#1: You Learn About Competition

Without competition, you won’t grow physically or mentally, which is one of the reasons why Crossfit is so popular.

Bodybuilders tend to focus more on themselves, so often find it hard to motivate themselves, which can lead to mediocrity.

Crossfit, on the other hand, has regular competitions, with many different skill levels involved.

If you are a beginner performing at a competition alongside one of the elite performers then you will undoubtedly be motivated to perform your own moves at a higher level.

To experience similar benefits without joining your local Crossfit gym I would recommend finding a training partner, who will be willing to push you harder than you could alone.

You could hold your own little ‘mini’ competitions to see who could bench the highest, or perform the most pull-ups or press-ups. Whatever the competition your body will appreciate this added effort and show you its appreciation with strength and muscle gains.

#2: You Will Have Someone to Hold You Accountable

As we mentioned above if you are a bodybuilder then it is likely that you workout alone. If there is no one at the gym watching you it can be easy to slack off. Not everyone has the inner motivation to become the next Phil Heath.

Crossfit gyms will have an instructor available always, and chances are you will see the same people there week in week out.

These instructors are trained to help motivate you, so again my suggestion to you would be to get a training partner. One that can keep you motivated and push you towards your own goals.

#3: You Will Learn to Set Goals

One thing all Crossfit gyms do is provide its members with customised coaching to help them achieve their goals.

If you do not have any goals in mind when you are training then what are you training towards?

To build 10 pounds of muscle in a year then you need to create a plan on how you are going to achieve this goal.

Make both short, easy to accomplish goals as well as longer ones. Achieving smaller goals will motivate you towards achieving the next goal.

#4: You Will Learn New Movements

Most people who set foot in the gym are not even thinking about going anywhere near the squat rack, and won’t know the first thing about performing a deadlift.

These people will jump on the first machine that’s free, or will perform endless bicep curls in front of the mirror.

Anyone who knows anything about building muscle will know that one of the quickest and easiest ways to build muscle is by performing compound movements.

Movements like the squat or deadlift work many different muscles so will build muscle while also boosting testosterone too, which will be of benefit to your gains and overall health too.

In Conclusion

Crossfit is often ridiculed, and often for good reason as their “fail” videos are something to behold.

Yet, if you look past its flaws then there are certainly some benefits to be gained from following their training. A training partner and setting goals for example.

If you are looking to build muscle and strength, then performing many of the compound movements found in Crossfit is also a good idea. These types of movements will work multiple muscle groups leading to massive gains.

Just remember that form is incredibly important, and what these funny videos don’t show is the aftermath of poor form.

Finally, your training is just one aspect needed for strength and muscle gains, adequate nutrition is also essential as well as the right supplements too.

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  1. Crossfit where bad form is the norm!! LOL 😛

    I often hear people say how crossfit changed my life but also hear loads say how crossfit wrecked my body. Personally speaking, if you do not perform these exercises using proper form then injury is an inevitability.

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