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How to Sculpt your Adonis Belt AKA your V lines

Adonis Belt

The Adonis belt is another name for the iliac furrow, the area that starts at the hip bone and runs down to the pubis.

It is usually called the Adonis belt by either Bodybuilders or art historians, but is more often called your V lines by regular gym goers.

Whatever you call it, the v lines around the lower part of your abs are a common sign of having a good body.

Training to get them can be very difficult, and you’ll definitely need to combine a lot of specific lower ab work with a calorie controlled diet that helps you to reduce body fat.

You’ll want to be aiming for a body fat percentage range of 8-15% if you want to see them.

In this article we will walk you through the process of getting visible V lines.

V Line Training Program

V Line Training Program

We’ll look at the training program that you will have to follow first, before going on to the diet side of things.

The main exercises that you should be performing to increase the size of these muscles would be lower abdominal-targeted exercises. So seated leg raises, hanging leg raises, and bent knee raises.

Then you’ll want to add in some exercises that target all of the ab muscles such as ab wheel rollouts.

Twisting movements such as seated Russian twists are also a good idea.

But you don’t want to train just your abs, your whole core muscles should be trained equally to prevent imbalances, so add in some lower back exercises, and some exercises for your obliques.

You can also add in planks, side planks, and plank raises too.

Don’t be tempted to avoid ab exercises because you have heard that deadlifts work the abs more, this is not true and talk to any bodybuilder with superior abs they’ll tell you that it’s from hundreds of crunches a week.

The main way to show your Adonis belt is to get your body fat percentage right down, to do this you need to exercise regularly.

Full body workouts at a high intensity would be a good place to start. Keep your rest between sets to around 45-60 seconds, and finish each session with 10-20 minutes of high intensity interval training.

As odd as it may sound, increasing your daily step count can also contribute. To get to the sub 10% body fat that you need your activity needs to be constantly high, and walking more can help shift those extra few calories. Being consistent with training is the only way to manage it.

The V Line Diet

The V Line Diet

Sadly there isn’t a specific food that you can eat that will help you show your Adonis belt. It’s all about the boring (but effective) calorie controlled diet.

Find out what your current calories are, and find out what they should be. To do this you need to weigh yourself and find a way to estimate your body fat percentage.

You can use skinfold callipers, a body fat measuring scale, or just eye ball it (surprisingly the most accurate of the three).

Once you have your weight and body fat percentage you can work out what your fat free mass is, so if you weigh 70kg and are 20% body fat then your fat free mass would be 70kg minus 14kg (20% body fat), or 56kg.

Now you are aiming for around 10% so let’s say your new target weight would be 56kg plus 7kg, so 63kg. You need to lose 7kg of fat. This should take around 14-21 weeks at a rate of 0.25-0.5kg per week.

Once you have your target weight you can look at reducing calories on a weekly basis until you hit that weight. Keep protein as high as you can, and don’t remove carbs or fats, just lower them.

When you get closer to the target you can drop carbs a little bit more, until finally you have reached your goal.

What Happens Next?

Ideally you’ll want to have this body 365 days a year, but this is not always practical.

Staying at a very low body fat can cause a lot of issues: lowered metabolism, lowered testosterone, bad sleep, depression, stress, lack of muscle growth etc …

So most people try to find events that they can peak for, once the event is finished they look to slowly reintroduce calories and slowly build muscle. This will lose you the V lines, but only temporarily.

Of course it is possible to keep them at all times, but to do that you’ll need to find the perfect balance between food and exercise that works for you.

If you are prepared to always be exercising at a high intensity and eating within your calorie targets then you can expect to have perfect V lines forever!






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