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The Most Ridiculous Bodybuilding Fails Of All Time

Bodybuilding Fails

Bodybuilding for us is about hard work, discipline and piece by piece striving to be better every day then you were the previous day. Always moving forward, always progressing no matter what.

It’s amazing really that some individuals still don’t understand the hard-working principles.

Instead, resorting to disturbing workarounds to build their body faster and with less ‘effort’.

There are also the general all-round failures, the epic fails if you will. As my father always told me growing up. There really is just no accounting for the potential level of stupidity that exists out there.

That said, there are still levels of ignorance that shock me to my very core.

Let’s celebrate for a moment, the best of the best when it comes to shortcuts, cheating and all-round bodybuilding failures.

#1: Synthol Abuse

When your arms start to look like those of Stretch Armstrong, after years of abuse at the hands of a 7-year-old. You may have gone a bit too far.

Not only do Synthol gains look about as convincing as Donald Trump’s comb-over, but regardless of whether you think you’re fooling anyone, the results are just plain gross.

For those unfamiliar with Synthol, this substance is abused via injections into muscle tissue where it turns to jelly. It is very comparable to that of breast implants.

The result is an inflated set of individually targeted muscles which look swollen, watery and out of proportion. Not only this but the muscle tissue itself does not move the way real tissue does when flexing. This makes it very easy to spot.

Anyone who has turned to this process to satisfy their ‘bigorexia’ clearly has no respect for the intelligence of anyone around them or for the sport. Hence we have no issue calling out these walking jelly babies of ignorance.

#2: The Distended Abdomen

Living legend Arnold Schwarzenegger himself has many times called out the death of the old school bodybuilding physique which had mass but maintained an aesthetic shape.

This is typically referred to as the V taper torso which is set off by maintaining a small waist while widening the back and shoulders.

It seems in recent years’ overall mass has replaced what was previously considered a Mr Olympia winning physique.

Though there is no clear explanation for what has caused this rise of the distended abdomen and gut.

Many suggest it comes down to the excessive steroid and hormone abuse of modern-day bodybuilders as well as the substantial amount of food and calorie intake required to maintain that mass.

Many lovers of the old school physique are calling for a change in the industry. To step away from purely mass-based judging and revert back to a more aesthetically pleasing time in bodybuilding contests.

#3: The Stage Tan Fails

It’s a well-known tradition and part and parcel of competing that you need a darker complexion and anti-shine coating to avoid your hard-earned muscle definition disappearing under the wash of bright stage lights.

Many a bodybuilder has embraced the rub-on or spray-on tan as part of their stage routine.

Though there are many times this has gone horrifically wrong, the video above has some embarrassing examples.

Ok, to an extent your head is not being judged specifically in a bodybuilding context unless you’re one of those Miami Pro pretty boys… But still, turning up looking like a successful head transplant patient is taking it a little too far.

I think Darth Vadar may have been a shade lighter than this fella.

#4: Poor gym form

Whether it is lifting too heavy trying to impress your gym buddies, or simply a lack of knowledge. Poor gym form is not only embarrassing but potentially dangerous too.

Below is a video of some of the worst examples of poor gym form, leading to those embarrassing bodybuilding fails.

In Conclusion

I hope none of you guys reading this have suffered any of these bodybuilding fails.

If you have then I hope that you have learnt from your mistakes.


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