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Is Human Growth Hormone Legal in the UK?

Human Growth Hormone Legal in the UK

If you already know anything about human growth hormone (HGH) treatment then you will know that it offers a very tempting way of getting stronger and looking younger.

The benefits of this hormone are immense and it is especially useful for bodybuilders looking for a bit of extra help in bulking up. While it is something that occurs naturally in our bodies, there is also a synthetic version available for purchase too.

A lot of bodybuilders already use this, as well as other people who want some help in feeling good or looking younger than their years. However, you may not be clear yet on the legal issues of taking this drug in the UK. [toc]

The Legal Position On HGH

At the moment, HGH is legally classified as a class C drug in the UK under the Misuse of Drug Regulations 2001 legislation.

This sounds a bit scary at first but upon further investigation, we can see that it isn’t as bad as it first sounds. Although it does mean that buying and using it takes you into some legal grey areas.

In the UK the list of class C drugs covers the likes of tranquilisers and anabolic steroids as well as HGH. Drugs such as heroin, cocaine and ecstasy are Class A listed. Class B includes the likes of cannabis, amphetamines and barbiturates.

So what does this Class C classification mean for anyone who wants to purchase and use HGH in the UK?

These are classed as the least dangerous of the drugs covered in the three different categories but their use is still pretty strictly controlled.

Basically, it is illegal to supply HGH supplements without a medical prescription. However, it isn’t illegal to use it for personal reasons.

This may sound a bit confusing but it simply means that while it is sold on the black market you are unlikely to get in real trouble if the police find you possessing a small amount of it.

Generally speaking, the police look to arrest those people who possess large quantities for resale or who import it illegally.

Having said that, people have been arrested for possessing it in the past and there is no guarantee that you won’t get into some serious bother.

Is HGH Easy To Buy?

Some new bodybuilders are surprised at just how easy it is to find human growth hormone supplements for sale in the UK. There are plenty of websites where you can take your pick of the dose that suits you.

Brands offered online include Genotropin, Saizen, Humatrope and Zomacton. You can buy quickly and easily online in the usual way on these sites.

Another way that many people get hold of their first lot of HGH is through contacts in the gym.

If you see a bunch of muscled guys working out then there is a good chance that they use or at least know about HGH.

By asking just a few questions you should end up with the contact details for someone selling it locally.

Many of the supplements sold in the UK are made abroad, while you may be offered UK produced HGH at a higher price. Current reports suggest that a relatively low monthly dose of good quality HGH can be bought on the black market for about £150.

Of course, as the current legislation forces you to buy it on the black market you need to be careful about who you buy from and what you are really getting.

There have been reports of the drug being made with substances that shouldn’t really be in it.

You may also see some sites offering more expensive HGH supplements that are marketed as being 100% legal.

This is due to them not containing the banned chemicals that are on the Class C drug list. It is unclear how effective this treatment is when compared to HGH.

Buying HGH Abroad

Another option that some bodybuilders now go for is to travel abroad to buy their HGH treatment.

This is because there are some countries where you can legally buy it without a prescription. They then take a small amount home for personal use.

This is an approach that sees the purchaser take some risks and go into even more legal grey areas. There is a chance that the drug could be confiscated and the police may take action too.

You may recall Sylvester Stallone getting into trouble with the law when taking HGH into Australia a few years ago.

Of course, the most legal approach is to approach a doctor for tests on the level of HGH your body produces. If you have a deficiency in this area then the doctor may prescribe a treatment of human growth hormone for you.

This is the only way of getting and using the hormone while staying 100% within the UK law.

Dangers Of Using HGH

There are potential side effects [1] you may encounter when using HGH.

Known side effects include:

  • Increased swelling
  • Joint pain
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Insulin resistance
  • Increased risk of diabetes

There are some who would state that using HGH could promote the growth of cancer cells, although this idea remains controversial.

Buying HGH illegally is potentially dangerous and will certainly increase the risk of encountering side effects. This is because you maybe buying a tainted or impure product.

Legal Alternative To HGH

Buy HGH-X2If you want to naturally boost your own levels of HGH then you may want to try HGH-X2 (available from the Crazy Bulk website).

This supplement is 100% legal and is not overly expensive, at just £35.95 for a months supply.

Using HGH-X2 can help you to build lean muscle while burning fat. Other benefits include:

  • Increased blood flow to your heart and muscles
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • An increase in nitrogen retention
  • Increased energy levels
  • More stamina and improved performance
  • Faster recovery

It is also made using clinically proven ingredients. With no prescription necessary or any painful injections required.

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  1. Hi… 🙂
    I am a grown man of 55 years … 93 kg. But with big belly .. This is because of excessive use of cortisone because of major ailments with allergies and nasal polyps …. Chronic Disease. To enter and operate nose again for 3 time in December 2016.
    Struggling now with the body and sex desire. Getting testo gel and Cialis from my docktor.

    Started now with HGH Grow Hormone 3 days ago. Personalize this is cheaper with you. I myself am a nurse …. Norway is a member of the EU …
    Can bring me legal medications for 3 months.
    Is there any hop for me with you ???

    greeting Tor

    1. Jay - Skinny2Fit

      There are many places you can look online, but you need to do your research and be careful to ensure you are buying from a legitimate source.

      Unfortunately, there are plenty of companies out there who will rip you off. 🙂

    1. Growth hormone (somatropin, somatotropin, HGH) is the body’s own product, produced from the anterior pituitary. Whereas steroids are a synthetic version of testosterone. So in short HGH is not a steroid.

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