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NiacinMax Review – Supercharge your HGH levels by 600%


Do you want to boost your training efforts, enabling you to build more strength and muscle?

If so then you should look at NiacinMax, a new supplement designed to boost your HGH levels by as much as 600%.

Read our review to learn how to “unleash your true potential” by using this product.

Benefits of NiacinMax

Users of NiacinMax are said to experience the following benefits:

  • 600% increase in HGH levels
  • Increased red blood cell production
  • Improved energy levels
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Fat burning
  • Muscle growth
  • Increased oxygen flow

How does NiacinMax work?

To use NiacinMax all you have to do is place a strip underneath your tongue. The strip will dissolve after a few seconds, leaving a pleasant citrus flavour.

Buy NiacinMaxWhen this occurs the Niacin that the strip contains will be released directly into your bloodstream.

Pills, powders and other forms of supplement have poor bioavailability, which means that they are not absorbed as effectively as these strips. This is because they have to pass through your digestive system before entering your bloodstream.

A high percentage of the ingredients found in these supplements is lost due to digestion (only 10-15% is absorbed), whereas NiacinMax could transfer 90% of its active ingredient.

Once absorbed, which only takes a few minutes, NiacinMax will start to work.

You will experience an increase in blood flow, which will enable more oxygen to be transferred to your muscles. This will help improve your performance and help push you to the next level.

HGH or Human Growth Hormone production will also increase, which will help you to recover quicker between workouts.

Ingredients found in NiacinMax

Unsurprisingly the main ingredient of NiacinMax is Niacin (vitamin B3) with 75 mg present in each strip.

Unlike other Niacin supplements you can find on the market that are actually made using Niacinamide we know NiacinMax contains the actual ingredient as it causes the well-known phenomenon “the Niacin flush”.

When this occurs you will experience a tingling sensation, with a slight reddening of your skin. You may also feel warm.

This process is harmless and as your body builds up a tolerance this effect will lessen with each use.

When looking at Niacin supplements you need to find one that creates this “flush” as this tells you that the supplement is working.

Niacin is a vasodilator, which means that it causes your blood vessels to expand. This therefore helps increase blood flow, ensuring your muscles receive the nutrients it requires.

With supplements made from Niacinamide this “flush” does not exist, so the benefits are reduced.

Has NiacinMax been proven to work?

While there have been no studies undertaken on NiacinMax itself, its main ingredient Niacin has been proven to boost HGH levels by 600%.

During a 2008 study, 7 healthy men aged between 21 and 30 took part in 2 separate cycling sprint trials.

Each sprint lasted 30 seconds, with a 240 minute recovery period.

The first group took just 1 g of Niacin before the sprints, 0.5 g immediately after the sprint and another 0.5 g before the final sprint, with the other group not taking any.

The study found that those who took the Niacin had the higher HGH levels, with a 600% rise by the beginning of the second sprint.

Is NiacinMax safe to use?

While NiacinMax is claimed to be safe to use, as with any medication there will be a risk involved.

I would recommend that if you have any known medical condition that you consult with your doctor before use.

NiacinMax has been created in an FDA-approved facility using pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, so every precaution has been put in place.

Is NiacinMax legal to use?

There are plenty of ways that you can boost your own performance, but many of them are illegal.

You can’t have missed the high profile doping bans of the Russian athletes at this years Olympics, or Lance Armstrong’s eventual stripping of his Tour de France titles.

Luckily there are also legal ways to boost your performance too, with NiacinMax just one of them.

Niacin is completely legal, so perhaps it is time you added it to your own arsenal.

User testimonials of NiacinMax

As this product has only just been released user testimonials are scarce at present. No doubt once word gets around about how effective this product is we will be able to update this section.

How to experience the best results?

It is recommended that you take a single NiacinMax strip daily, even on those days you don’t workout.

Usually you would use it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, but on those days you workout it is best to use it around 3-5 hours before you train.

For those of you who workout 5 or more times weekly then it is recommended that you use a second strip daily, but this should be used 3-4 hours before bed.

The reason why it is recommended that you use these strips on an empty stomach is because it ensures that more HGH is released. Fatty acids found in food can reduce its effectiveness.

Is NiacinMax recommended?

If you are looking for that extra boost or to give you that edge over your competitors then NiacinMax will surely help.

Niacin is proven to offer various benefits, and no other supplement offers such a unique method of delivering this ingredient.

NiacinMax comes highly recommended, and I would suggest you take a look at it today. Once word goes round about its effectiveness chances are sales will go through the roof.

Where to buy NiacinMax

To buy NiacinMax you simply need to visit its official website. At present it is not available to buy anywhere else, so if you see it for sale on Ebay or Amazon then it is likely to be a fake.

A months supply of 30 strips will cost £29.99 ($39.99) but you can make big savings by purchasing one of the larger packages.

The largest package is for 90 strips with 60 strips FREE. This package costs £89.97 ($119.97) and will save you £109.98 ($129.98) off the recommended retail price.

Each order comes with a full 67 day money back guarantee, so if you are not happy with your order for any reason then you can claim your money back in full. Not that I can see you being unhappy with your purchase.

Each order comes with fast and FREE shipping too, so there really is no reason why you couldn’t give this product a chance.

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    1. The main difference is that NiacinMax is available as a strip that dissolves in your mouth, while Niacin NF comes in tablet form. They both contain Naicin, so both offer benefits.

    1. Jay - Skinny2Fit

      Supplements like NiacinMax can boost growth hormones, however this does not necessarily mean that it will help you grow taller.

      Unfortunately once your bones ossify you will no longer see any height growth. 🙂

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