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Anvarol Review – Explosive Power And Lean Muscle


Anvarol is a legal alternative to the steroid Anavar. Taking this supplement is designed to help burn fat while ensuring you don’t lose that hard-earned muscle mass.

In this review we are going to look at how Anvarol works and whether it is can be used for effective cutting after a bulking cycle.[toc]

Claimed Benefits Of Anvarol

The following claimed benefits are said to be experienced by users of Anvarol:

  • Explosive power and strength
  • Burn fat while retaining lean muscle mass
  • Burn off both visceral and subcutaneous fat
  • Enhanced vascularity
  • Improved muscle hardness and density
  • Safe and legal alternative to Anavar
  • No needles or prescription

How Does Anvarol Work?

Anvarol User Results

Anvarol contains Phosphocreatine that helps your body to quickly regenerate ATP (Adenosine triphosphate).

It is this ATP that provides your body with the initial burst of energy needed for muscle contraction.

Unfortunately, in normal circumstances your muscle fibres will only contain enough ATP for a few seconds of muscle movement.

By using Anvarol your ATP levels will continue to be risen, allowing you to work out much harder and longer making it ideal for use during those training cycles when you are trying to cut and define your physique.

Anvarol Compared With Anavar

As mentioned previously Anvarol is the safe and legal alternative to Anavar.

While the benefits of Anavar are well known, the side effects associated with using this steroid are also well documented.

Side effects associated with Anavar include:

  • Frequent passing of urine
  • Continued painful erection
  • Enlarged breasts
  • Masculinisation
  • Acne-like breakouts
  • Prostate cancer
  • Irritation of the stomach or intestines
  • Leukaemia
  • Liver problems
  • Visible water retention
  • Lower interest in sexual intercourse
  • Insomnia
  • Diarrhoea
  • Leg cramps
  • Swelling of the abdomen
  • Liver cancer

Anvarol will not cause any side effects, so is a much better option if you value your health.

Ingredients Found In Anvarol

Anvarol is made from safe and natural ingredients shown to help burn excess body fat while maintaining muscle mass.

These ingredients include:

  • Soy Protein Isolate
  • Whey Protein Isolate
  • BCAA
  • Wild Yam Root
  • ATP


ATP stands for Adenosine Triphosphate, which has been shown to produce immediate short burst of energy to your muscle fibres.

When lifting weights or doing any sort of physical activity this is incredibly important.

Wild Yam Root

Wild Yam contains Diosgenin that can be converted into various hormones including DHEA.

It has been included to increase overall energy levels, but as a bonus can also help to improve sexual performance.


Amino acids like Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine are beneficial for weight lifters and bodybuilders as they help to support muscle protein synthesis and muscle growth.

Another benefit is that they can aid recovery and prevent fatigue.

Soy And Whey Protein Isolate

If you are trying to build muscle, or maintain it while cutting fat then you need to ensure that you are consuming adequate amounts of protein.

You can view the label below:

Anvarol Ingredients

Is There A Risk Of Any Side Effects?

There are no known side effects of Anvarol, with many positive user testimonials to back up this claim.

Unlike other similar supplements Anvarol will not cause any problems with either your liver or kidneys.

Anvarol is strong enough for men, but can also be used by women looking to cut too.

Recommended Dosage For Best Results

For best results it is recommended that you take 3 capsules daily.

Anvarol Customer Testimonials

Below is a screenshot of some of the testimonials received on the Crazy Bulk website that shows just how effective Anvarol really is:

Anvarol Testimonials

Anvarol FAQs

Here are some commonly asked questions about Anvarol. If you have any questions of your own you can ask below using the comment form provided.

Is Anvarol A Steroid?

Anvarol is not a steroid and does not contain any illegal or potentially harmful ingredients. What it is, however, is a safe and legal alternative.

Is Anavar Illegal?

Anavar is not illegal to buy or use. You can buy it without having to worry about getting in trouble with the law or local authorities.

When Should I Take Anvarol?

I would recommend taking Anvarol around 15 minutes after working out. All 3 capsules should be taken at this time with water.

Would We Recommend Anvarol Or Clenbuterol?

Due to the potential side effects of clenbuterol (increased heart rate, rapid breathing, chest pain etc), I would recommend that you use Anvarol instead.

Should You Use Anvarol Before Or After Workout?

As stated already, it is best to take Anvarol after you have worked out.

In Conclusion

Anvarol is a good supplement, you only need to look at the testimonials on the Crazy Bulk website to see what positive effects their products can have on your body.

RecommendedIf you want to burn off fat while ensuring you don’t lose that hard-earned muscle mass then this supplement comes highly recommended.

Just remember for best results that you take 1 tablet 3 times daily even on those days when you don’t work out. On the days you workout you should take at least 1 tablet 30-45 minutes before your exercise.

Where To Buy Anvarol?

To buy Anvarol you should visit the Crazy Bulk website. You cannot buy Anvarol anywhere else, not on Amazon, eBay or at your local GNC.

At the present time, it will cost £32.95 ($54.99) for a bottle of 90 tablets.

Buying via Crazy Bulk offers various benefits including:

  • FREE discreet shipping to the USA and UK
  • Discreet billing
  • Every third item ordered is completely FREE

To get the third item FREE you should follow this guide:

  1. Select the 3 products you want to BUY and place them in your Shopping Cart.
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  5. This works for every 3rd item you add. If you order 6 items, you will get 2 free.

Shipping to the USA and UK is completely free, while global orders will cost an extra $9.99.

There are no hidden charges or auto-shipping when buying from Crazy Bulk. Everything is upfront, so you know where you stand before ordering.

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    2. I suggest you pick either D-Bal or GH Advanced+ for building muscle. Although there are different ‘stacks’ available on Crazy Bulk (the website that sells D-Bal) that could help you even further with your efforts.

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