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6 Best Fat Burning Supplements for Women

Fat-Burning Supplements for Women

Regardless if you’re a female athlete, fitness competitor, or stay-at-home mom, most ladies seem to have one fitness goal in mind: burn fat.

Unfortunately, due to child-bearing hormones, it is an uphill battle for most women to burn fat despite consistent diet and exercise. So how can you accomplish that goal without doing liposuction like your favorite celebrity? Two words: Fat-burning supplements!

Will these fat-burning supplements help you burn fat solely by taking them?

Yes and no. Yes, these fat-burning supplements can help you burn fat. No, these fat-burning supplements can’t help you burn fat by themselves! This is a common sense question, yet some of these supplement marketers will fool you (and others) into believing that their products is the only solution towards reaching your fat-loss goals. Following an effective diet and workout plan remains the key factors towards burning fat. A fat-loss supplement will just help you reach your goal a little easier.

What type of fat-burning supplements will help women burn fat?

These are 6 types of workout supplements that aid in women’s fat loss:

6 Best Fat Burning Supplements for Women


Thermogenics are considered “fat burners” as it targets to burn stubborn body fat. It will raise your metabolism by raising your body temperature. In other words, this will burn a lot of calories!

Carbohydrate Blockers

This fat-burning supplement does what it implies….block carbs from entering your system. This not only will aid in losing body fat, but water weight as well.

Fat Blockers

This fat-burning supplement works similar to carbs blocker. Chitosan is the main ingredient this supplement uses to burn fat. This sounds good in theory except it’s a suspect claim according to scientific research. Research show that chitosan only burns about 10 calories from an individual’s diet. Despite those findings, it doesn’t hurt to test out how effective fat blockers truly are.

Thyroid Regulators

This fat-burning supplement works by regulating your metabolism. The thyroid gland is found inside the neck underneath your mouth. This gland is responsible for several bodily tasks including creating protein and regulating metabolism. The metabolism is what the body utilizes to burn fat. If you have a slow metabolism, then burning fat will be hard as hell. Using a thyroid regulator will help speed up a sluggish metabolism.

Appetite Suppressant

As the name implies, this fat-burning supplement will suppress your appetite. Physicians prescribe appetite suppressants to overweight and obese patients. Here are 3 quality appetite suppressants:

1. Pure Saffron Extract

2. Raspberry Ketones Plus+

3. Garcinia Cambogia

Cortisol Blockers

This type of fat-burning supplement claims to block cortisol from being produced in your body. Cortisol is an important hormone because it helps regulate blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and immune function. When too much cortisol is released, several issues arise. The main issue is overeating in which leads to gaining body fat. Healthy lifestyle factors such as exercise and quality sleep can help control cortisol. Nonetheless, if you’re always stressed and unable to burn body fat, invest in a cortisol blocker.

Which fat-burning supplement is best for women?

It depends. If a woman eats a lot of carbs, then a carb blocker will help. Or if she is always stressed-out, then a thyroid regulator could suffice. Evaluate your lifestyle and see which fat-burning supplement suits you.

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