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We have talked with 3 athletes who mention and reviews Weider supplements.

 Barbora Labidi
Barbora Labidi (female, 32)
I'm a Strongwoman Competitor. This is How I Became Strong and Powerful
I use protein powder drink- I love Weider brand
Rammy Andrei
Rammy Andrei (male, 28)
How I Focus 100% on Fitness and Bodybuilding When I'm Not Working
My stack of supplements that I use are: Warrior Lab Whey, creatine, FitMax Arginine, Warrior Labs Kamikadze Extreme Pump Pre-Workout, Weider whey casein, Warrior Labs BCAA, Warrior Labs EAA, Cellucor glutamine, C vitamin, potassium gluconate, zinc, magnesium, vitamins and minerals, nac, maca, gaba, carnitine, chromium, omega 3-6-9, spirulina, probiotics, digestive enzymes, melatonin, ZMB these I buy them from a pharmacy nearby me.
Deniz Yozkan
Deniz Yozkan (male, 18)
How I Choose Fitness over Martial Arts and Professional Fighting
The supplements I take are pretty basic – some good multivitamins (Whole Earth and Sea – probably best dosed vitamins from high quality sources) , creapure creatine monohydrate (any brand that has creapure labeled, currently I have MyProtein and Weider), high quality omega 3s (MyProtein) and a crazy mfkin pre-workout.
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