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Allmax Nutrition

We have talked with 6 athletes who mention and reviews Allmax Nutrition supplements.

Matt Kouba
Matt Kouba (male, 34)
I'm an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder. This is My Plan to Make it to the Olympia Stage
Here is my current diet and primary supplements used at 10 weeks out from my next show. The supplements I use are from my sponsor AllMax Nutrition, which I’ve been using since 2015 and during that time frame I’ve noticed the biggest changes to my physique.
Nyla Fuller
Nyla Fuller (female, 34)
How I Work as a Canadian Fitness Model, Bikini Competitor and Business Professional
Pre-workout drink: my favorite now is Allmax Amino-Cuts because it has 127mg caffeine, 250mg glutamine, 500mg L-carnitine and 725mg BCAAs per scoop. It gives me energy and focus without feeling “buzzy”. For bulking, I also add creatine and carb powder;
Nancy Di Nino
Nancy Di Nino (female, 47)
How I Train and Inspire Women to Reach their Health and Fitness Goals
As far as supplements I take Vitamin B100 and Vitamin C, Omega 3-6-9, digestive enzymes, calcium magnesium and Branch Chain Amino Acids during training. My favourite brand of BCCA is Aminocore by Allmax Nutrition in fruit punch flavour.
Joe Seeman
Joe Seeman (male, 28)
How I Made the Leap From Amateur to IFBB Pro Bodybuilder
During training, I drink AMRAP Nutrition BCAA (two scoops) and 10 grams of ALLMAX Glutamine.
David Liang
David Liang (male, 35)
How I Decided to Improve Myself, Got into Bodybuilding and Fitness Photography
I am however actively looking for clients that are interested in doing photoshoots with me. I’ve shot for brands like Six Star, Jed North, Allmax to athletes like Victor Martinez, Anjelica Teixiera, Ruff Diesel to influencers like Paige Hathaway.
Victor Egonu
Victor Egonu (male, 30)
How I'm Planning to Win the Drug-free Bodybuilding World Championship next Season
As far as the brands, I take creatine monohydrate from BodyTech. The citrulline, agmatine and beta-alanine I get for really cheap from PureBulk. The BCAA’s is from my sponsors Modern BCAA+ but I also like AminoCore by Allmax Nutrition.
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