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Tina Marie – NSL Pro – Spotlight

Tina Marie is an NSL Physique Pro, Naturopathic Doctor, Master Trainer at Perez Gym Fort Jackson and self-professed “Proud Army Wife”.

Read on to discover what motivates her, as well as her training and diet secrets.

Quick Stats:

Age: 39
Height: 5’5″
Weight: 165-175 pounds depending on what part of the season it is.

How did you get started with bodybuilding?

I was a gymnast and my gymnastics coach suggested bodybuilding because I was naturally muscular.

Tina Marie

Where does your motivation come from?

I’m self motivated, I always want to do better or be better. It’s easy to be motivated when you love something and I love bodybuilding.

Tina Marie

What workout routine has worked best for you?

My best routine is a 7 day split. Upper body parts are trained twice a week in different order and legs get hit once a week.

Tina Marie

What one exercise could you not live without?

I couldn’t live without squats! They are a full body must have!

Tina Marie

What is the body part you are most proud of, and how did you get it to that stage?

I’m proud of my delts and calves.

My calves are genetic but I worked shoulders like a machine to build my delts. So I’m proud of how far they’ve come.

Tina Marie

What is your diet like?

My diet rarely varies. Lots of clean protein and veggies with some complex carbs.

I roller coaster carbs with low and high days year round. I don’t like my weight to vary from stage weight by much more than 10 pounds.

Tina Marie

How does your training and diet evolve as you get closer to a competition?

I add more cardio a few weeks out from a competition but mostly I train the same year round.

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I like heavy training and I respond best to lower reps.

Tina Marie

What’s the one food you couldn’t live without and how do you handle food cravings?

Sushi is a must have!

Unless I’m within 8 weeks or so of a competition I have one cheat meal a week. Nothing crazy but enough to keep cravings at bay.

What supplements do you use?

I use BCAAs, pre workout and nitric oxide supplements from my sponsor Maxxx Nutrition. Whey and true-blend proteins are staples as well.

Favourite Quote?

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones you will have positive results” – Willie Nelson

Social Media

Insta: TinaMarie_NSLpro
Twitter: @goddessofgains
Facebook: Tina Marie NSL Pro



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