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Randalene Sergent
I’m a Bikini Champion and Track & Field Pole Vaulter. These are My Best Fitness Hacks

Randalene Sergents Stats When We Talked with Her 💪

United States
272 cm
(5 ’47)
52 kg
(115 lbs)

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👋 Hi! Tell us about yourself and your training

Hello, my name is Randalene. I’m originally from Morehead, Kentucky and currently reside in Las Vegas, Nevada. I work as a health and fitness model, product specialist for a variety of products, and an entrepreneur. In my free time, I work with the dog rescue called Vegas Roots Rescue.

I have trained since I was very young. My mom started me in gymnastics at seven years old. She was always active and playing sports with us and showing us how to play. My mom had a rule, if you’re not going to play hard you might as well not play at all.

At the age of 17, I had three athletic scholarships and one academic. Basketball, Soccer, and Track & Field. I went on to compete as a full scholarship athlete on the Track & Field team as a pole vaulter at U of L, U of Ga. From there I trained for the Olympics at Bell Athletics in 2005. After retiring from T&F pole vaulting (video) in 2008 I moved to Las Vegas.

I started competing in Bikini shows in 2010 and I won my first show. I ended up turning pro in bikini. Winning two overall competitions and Miss Southern California Bikini Champion 2013, 2014 (video).

I was on the Stone Cold Steve Austin’s show Broken Skull Challenge. Season 1 Episode 6, The Good, The Bad, The Crazy. Have you seen it? I had a blast filming. That’s a whole other Q & A. LOL

I had sponsors when I was a pole vaulter and as a bikini competitor. While I was a bikini champion, Lonestar Distribution sponsored me.

I was working with a company in Las Vegas called, Skin City Body Painting, as a body paint model where I was painted silver for Lone Star’s booth for the 2012 Mr. Olympia show. I sampled and educated people that came by the booth. It went well and they asked me work with them. I joined the team and for five years got to travel to different events and shows.

Lonestar would send me supplements to try for myself every month. They carry over 2,000 products and I have definitely tried over 500 products. Easily.

I like all of the clothes and supplements in the fitness industry. My best friend is an Olympic Lifting competitor and my other is a pole vaulter friend. We all competed in college and during pro careers so always we rocked cool gear. We all like to look good while were competing.

My hobbies include anything outdoors with my dogs, riding my bike or rollerblading. I also enjoy reading business books and classical music.

⏱ Describe a typical day of training

As for off-season bulking techniques, I eat a lot and lift as heavy as I can for a couple of hours and follow with carb powder drinks.

For me strength training and power lifts are as important to me as yoga. I visit the gym a couple times a week for strength training and yoga and get my cardio in while at work. I like to hold my lifts for five to 10 seconds and my stretches for 30 seconds long.

If you want to be a bikini champion call Kim Oddo’s office and book an appointment. He’s the best.

As for off-season bulking techniques, I eat a lot and lift as heavy as I can for a couple of hours and follow with carb powder drinks. I train a little every day with changes in volume and load. I range from 30 minutes to two hours of specific training followed by stretching.

For pre-competition fat loss techniques, I choose the proper food, portion size, and time to eat, then add in an extra hour of long, slow, cardio at the gym.

I have trained at LVAC Las Vegas since the fall of 2008. I love it! It’s large enough where I can always get a machine, has all the right equipment, and there’s a huge juice bar complete with vegetable drinks, protein drinks, and meals.

You can also count on a lot of super stars training in there at any given time. It’s a great fit community and the energy is exciting to be around. I strength train there alone or if my friend is in town with her at Average Broz gym. Other than that, I will go to group yoga classes.

Preparation for training to me means music or meditation for mindset, proper gear, and hydration. If I’m a little hungry before I train, I skip the food and go train. Then after training, I focus on hydration and eat a good meal.

Again, really focusing on the VEGETABLES. If I’m really trying to put on muscle a carb loader is key. Big, tight, strong, muscles. That’s what I found.

After training, I use the foam roller and two lacrosse balls in the sock that sit on my living room floor. I roll and watch TV and decompress after training. I take those lacrosse balls on airplanes and on long car rides with me to stay loose.

I have also found that no matter if it’s 32 or 100 degrees, I always use the heated seat option in my car. For example, when I am driving to a competition, home from the competition, to or from practice you can guarantee my heated seat is ON. If it’s time to ice, then I do that but only when I get out of the car and in a resting place. Key is to keep my back and hammies loose while driving.

When I was pole vaulting, my training bag was pretty specific. It had my training log, measuring tape, athletic tape, hand chalk, sidewalk chalk, sharpie, sprint spikes, extra spikes, spike key, extra hairbands, lotion and lipstick. Water and Powerade.

My fitness bag is pretty basic these days. It’s a flip belt with lipstick, license, keys, credit card, dog bags. I carry water or Powerade with me if I need it.

Cardio? I get plenty of cardio walking around for work all day and working with the rescue. One day we rescued a dog, and had it gotten loose. We tracked him for 3 miles. So that was my cardio on that day!

Then on other days I walk and am climbing stairs for work, so I count that as enough cardio on those days. If nothing exciting like tracking a dog for 3 miles or I get an office day I visit the gym, walk on an incline or step into the elliptical machine.

My favorite exercises are jumping exercises. Jumping makes me faster, stronger, and leaner. Cable jump squats are my favorite exercise in the gym. Grab the cables, hands should be up resting over the shoulders, then jump. Love doing them and love what they make me look like. Total bulk hack!

One year in Las Vegas, I was in the Wet Republic Bikini. The Jabbawockeez dance crew were judging the contest and got to ask each contestant a question. When my turn came, I walked up to the judging table in a black and white zebra print bikini.

It was a bandeau top, scrunchie butt, Beach Bunny Bikini, trimmed in black and hot pink gems for a halter tie around the neck and looped on one hip, full hair curled and down, makeup, including lashes and 4” high heels. That’s the look at the Las Vegas Pool Parties for those of you who haven’t been before. If you have, then you know everyone there is hot! Wear your best!

Ok, Back to the story. So, I walk up and since I look like I know my way around a gym the Jabbawockeez instantly wanted to know my favorite gym exercise. There was no avoiding that question. Not that day.

I smiled really big and said laughingly, “The Cable Jump Squat”. They wanted to see a demonstration and of course, they got it. LOL, I have a picture of it somewhere. Pretty cool because I had never done it without any weights before and I was in 4” heels!

I ended up jumping really high off of the ground. It took me and everyone else by surprise. For sure. Luckily, I landed evenly on those heels. Whew! I will post it on Model Mayhem (Randalene Sergent) for you.

Once I trained with a heart rate monitor. It’s good because it kept me on pace during training. You can feel and you can see when it’s time for another sprint/set. Once I wore it in the gym and then out dancing in Las Vegas. I wanted to see what dancing vs. sprinting, or an intense lifting set would be like.

I end up getting my heart rate up the similar to as I were sprinting but not like when I was doing long slow cardio, what actually burns the fat off your body. LOL

👊 How do you keep going and push harder?

The best hack to improve in the gym is taking the slow approach.

When motivation is low, I just start my Eye of the Tiger Pandora station and drink a cotton candy bang. BANG! That does the trick for me! Lisa Riddle and Chris Daniel know what I’m talking about. BANG!

I have managed to keep training for so long by setting realistic goals and a smart approach to staying healthy throughout it all. If I was injured, I would take the proper recovery time. My training cycles were given to me by an amazing group of coaches over the years so that helped me a lot. Thanks to my middle school, high school, college, and pro coaches. The right coaching, training, recovery.

The best hack to improve in the gym is taking the slow approach. Plan my goal out and put in the time and effort towards training in order to reach my goals. I do not stop. I will keep going until I reach my goal! Train on the right things with my goal in mind. Sometimes things do not happen so fast, but I give my body time to adjust.

Another hack I use is making sure to squeeze my muscles tight and hard for every rep. I like to squeeze my glutes and shoulders tight in set position, then explode for a rep when I’m lifting or doing anything explosive. I always hold tension each rep to get maximum results from my workout. Have you ever tried that before?

I keep myself going and pushing harder by meditating and using music to focus my attention. Maybe it’s the voice in the back of my head that says go, go, go. Inner self talk makes the biggest difference in me. Stay away from negative people. Who are they? Who cares? I focus on me, myself, and my goals. Laser beam focus. That’s right.

I make time for training by prioritizing my training. That’s how. It’s a necessity. I like to feel good and to make sure I keep my body physically functioning smoothly and feeling good after all those years of running, jumping, and heavy lifting. When I focus on the strength and flexibility training my body feels good, my posture is great, and I move throughout my day smoothly.

I’ve faced many challenges over the years. A few injuries but I could adapt through that pretty easily but being away from my family has been the hardest challenge I have faced. I missed my family a lot in college, and while I was away training for the Olympics.

Then I moved out to Vegas even further away. So far away and none of us were together. That’s the hardest thing. All on my own. My family was in KY, I went away to UGA. If I messed up it was all on me.

I had to make it work and wanted to make it work whether it was jumping a personal record at a track meet or standing on stage winning 1st place by myself. That was hard to be alone although it taught me how to rely on myself and focus. Making me cherish those family moments more when we are all together.

Bigger. Badder. Faster. Stronger.

🏆 How are you doing today and what does the future look like?

Right now, training is going well. I get a good morning wakeup call from my dogs to eat and stretch. When it’s nice outside we do cardio together. They run and I ride my bike or rollerblade.

I train at the gym a couple times a week in the morning or evening depending on my schedule. This way I get a good pump in my muscles, keep up my muscle tone, and make myself feel strong. I like feeling strong. I practice yoga poses every day. 100% Yoga for life. ☺

Right now, I want to continue focusing on what I’m doing, keeping it tight, healthy and fit! I’m on track and look beautiful and feel good going into the next chapter of my life. Kids! I will eventually start a family of my own and teach my kids everything I have learned, like drinking my vegetables daily, strength training and staying balanced and flexible by practicing yoga. I am excited about that.

I want the American Dream just like everyone else. My business is to flourish, love, kids, and dogs. But for now, I’m contently working on my business and have recently partnered with Las Vegas Roots Rescue, fostering and training dogs to go to forever homes. I love them! Shout out to all the Dawgs! 😉

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My life has changed a little bit recently. I was in a car accident and so my training is just different. Life is about adapting, injuries too. Since then I have backed off from heavy lifting and moved on to practicing yoga, riding my biking, and walking with my dogs.

I’m planning on getting married and having kids in the next 5 years so I will need to make sure I take the proper recovery time and get back to my regular self again. Who knows I might even compete again one day, so keep it tight! Right?! ☺

I don’t think I would have changed a thing about what I’ve done in my athletic career. My mom made sure I had a plan and was prepared for anything and everything to come. I superseded my original goal and that was to just go to college for free, so my mom didn’t have the bear the burden. I think that’s why I studied so hard in school. I just kept my head down and focused and kept going.

I would however change the fact that I have lost touch with a lot of the great coaches that had helped me learn and grow in some form or fashion through athletics. I want to recognize a few coaches specifically that made a difference in me: Coach Cash (HS Basketball), Coach Daniels (HS T&F), all of my high school coaches, Coach Wiess (UofL), Coach Doug Sharp (UofL Pole Vault), Coach James (UGA Pole Vault), Earl Bell(Bell Athletics), Kim Oddo (Oddos Angels), and Jon Lindsey (NPC Promoter). I hope to always pass along your wisdom. Thank you.

🤕 How do you recover, rest and handle injuries?

Be smart, focused, and careful.

Injuries and setbacks can be avoided by being smart. Don’t loaf, don’t horse around. Be smart, focused, and careful. Like, I don’t play basketball in flip-flops the week of a game nor any game for that matter. I wouldn’t swim all day at a pool in the sun if I had a track meet the next day. Common sense stuff.

I was trained to know how the body works so I could keep pushing and listen to my body and tend to the needs. I see it like this. I’m a Ferrari. I can drive across the country starting with a fresh engine and full tank of gas, SURE no problem but there comes a time when you need to make a choice about gas, oil, breaks, and engine overheating. I mean you can tend to the needs of the car or not.

Same thing for the body: You have a choice, the food you eat, the exercise, the rest, the proper maintenance it takes to truly care for you, the Ferrari. Consider those and you will reach your goals no matter how far away they seem. Focus on that and you’re a champion.

Training has changed since the car accident. The first thing I did was reach out to get the proper medical attention. Me and my doctor created a rehab and recovery plan and talked about light training. Right now, I’m still recovering so I’m definitely focusing on getting my beauty rest. 100% ☺

Traveling can be tricky, but schedule changes are my reality. As an athlete, model and entrepreneur. I have learned to adapt over the past couple decades, so it’s just all about planning and preparing.

As long as I am in time for competition or event, I maintain a focused attitude on the important things like food, water, and staying loose.

For recovery tools or techniques, I get massages and go to a chiropractor regularly. Thank you, Dr. Perl and staff. At home I use 2 lacrosse balls in a sock and a foam roller. They stay on my living room floor.

🍎 How is your diet and what supplements do you use?

I make my own choices and stay on my own path.

Vegetables are my vitamins. I blend them, juice them, and cook my vegetables. My meat is real meat. I eat carbs but focus on rice, corn, and beans. Drink water and Powerade for potassium while training. I eat pizza every 10 days from the looks of my bank statement.
I don’t count calories. Who counts? LOL Eat your vegetables and you won’t need to count. Remember Popeye? This is my secret hack! You got it.

My body goes into almost fasting mode while I eat all those vegetables. I am nourished at a micronutrient level giving me full energy while physically feeling lite so I can function long hours. Then I eat my heavy meals or a few meals after fasting. The vegetables just break up my meals. I eat more spinach than Popeye. 😉

During season, I’d eat less and off-season, I’d eat a little more. I would rather be a little heavy during off-season so no problem. It keeps me from injuries and sickness. It allows me to build.

My source for supplements is BulkSupplements. They have the largest selection of pure, raw ingredients in North America. They provide scientific information and even save you on shipping by packing their products in bags. I love them! Shout out to y’all.

I like the pure, natural supplements, no sugar or real sugar only, I take BulkSupplements potassium, iron, magnesium, hyaluronic acid, collagen, and protein.

There are social occasions where there are people around that do not match my diet or thinking. I don’t pay attention to anything else other than what I’m focusing on. No one has my goals, so no one understands me.

I make my own choices and stay on my own path. Either way I am pretty dialed in to my personal goals it doesn’t bother me to be at social occasions. People usually start planning their fitness goals around me, making good choices while I’m around. LOL

Working as a brand ambassador and in sales, we get fed a lot of anything we wanted so that was awesome. I actually got to make the menu options. I think every one of the doctors’ offices I went to ate crap, so I was the one pharmaceutical rep who ordered clean, filling, and healthy foods.

I would bring a whole set up of vegetable trays, including toothpicks for them to eat on the run. No excuses doctors and nurses!! They loved it. One doctor told me to quit bringing that healthy food because he wouldn’t have any patients anymore. LOL That is a fact!! So, if you didn’t then do it now. Eat your vegetables. Plan ahead for it.

I eat well and I always have. Quality for me is key. Let food be thy nourishment. I have to maintain my energy levels throughout the day so I can get through long days of speaking and demonstrations for work and enough for some training time.

An apple comes in clutch when I feel depleted. Then I make sure I eat a balanced meal after that to keep my body balanced. Keep the insulin spikes down.

Am I perfect with what I eat? Not exactly! I eat junk too. I just don’t get the bulk of my nourishment from them. My favorite junk food to eat are hot fries and Real Sugar Pepsi!! ☺ I just eat until my mouth is too hot, about a half a bag and maybe two Pepsi’s before I’m done.

You can count on a vegetable drink about 30 minutes to an hour later. Neutralizing my stomach at that point is key. So that drink would be just spinach and kale. Then I would move to a balanced meal.

For me, I stay within a 10lb range all year. I’m about the same weight and muscle mass now as I was in my high school, 20lbs down from my college days, and about 10lbs off of my USA T&F days, and 5 down from Bikini Competitions. For me, my goal, and my sport I was pretty lean all year round.

When I’m cutting, I prioritize my meals and make sure I eat on a schedule. The right food at the right time. Carbs are balanced in every meal. That really speeds up my metabolism. I can literally see myself lean out.

Naturally I fast with vegetables and am highly reactive to coffee and tea. For that I drink decaf or if it’s full regular coffee or what I call high octane, I had better have something constructive to do. Let’s go to the gym!

There are so many different ways to track diet and activity levels. I prefer MyFitDiary. It really helped me prepare for Bikini competitions. Wish I knew about food and the tracker during my track career. I would have definitely been able to endure more training then.

As for a training log I keep a book in hand. It’s old school tracking but that’s how I do it. I have stacks of them.

As for tracking my weight, I kind of keep track of my weight but mostly really track my hydration levels. 100% I promise you this has been my secret hack. Now you know.

👍 What has inspired and motivated you?

Some books that inspired me and improved my training over the years started with my mother’s college Biology, Anatomy, and Physiology books. I used to look at the pictures then read about what I was seeing. I learned proper body mechanics, form and function, and systems. I read ISSA, NESTA, and NASM for training.

Eating for beauty taught me to eat my VEGETABLES! I love it. Hungry for change and Fat Sick and Nearly Dead talk about whole foods for health and longevity.

Michael Sealy’s meditation and relaxation music for me is the best. He keeps me calm and focused on the right things. During training time, I listen to classic rock, baby!

The best advice I was ever given is from my mom, “Don’t change who you are for someone else.” Another one is from Earl Bell, “Get a little better every practice.”

Some of the people who have influenced me are Christy Brinkley, Suzanne Summers, Paris, Hilton, and Ann Coulter. They are all beautiful in demeanor, intelligent, wise, and stand up for what they believe in. These women have succeeded in modeling, fitness, entrepreneurship, and government.

I have a personal LinkedIn page and my Instagram page is for Infinite Serum. You are more than welcome to check that out and add me there.

✏️ Advice for other people who want to improve themselves?

If I were to start out and were new to fitness today, I would google Kim Oddo’s phone number and call his office and book an appt. Get a gym membership and always work in a few power lifts. Find John Broz Gym for that. Drink your vegetables.

I recommend always focusing on form and breathing, mix in some sprinting, a few proper Olympic lifts, and I do not care who you are man or woman, experienced bodybuilders or fitness people YOGA. ☺

Speaking of form and breathing the most common mistake I see people in the gym making is losing tension on lifts. They are sloppy fast, out of control, and letting the muscle relax. What?! Even if it’s a second relax in between reps that’s a NO Bueno for me. Why spend all that time pumping the blood into your muscles if you’re going to release it all out? No Bueno. Keep tension on your muscles through every rep of the set. You will make more gains than you imagined. For me this tension I’m talking about is where I get my shape from. Try it once and see how your muscles look in the mirror. You will know what I’m talking about.

All sports require speed, precision, and focus. To reach another level you have to eat right, get in the gym and lift. Like I mentioned earlier I work out at LVAC Las Vegas and there are a lot of pros in there. I watched how these bodybuilders would eat and train, combined that with some track & field sprint workouts, a few plyometric drills and I was golden for the stage.

The best hacks I have for life outside of the gym are eating your vegetables. Blend them. Drink. Juice them. Drink. Cook them. Eat. Hydration is often confused for hunger. Skip the hunger and fill up. Hydrate with water and vegetables and then eat your macros…meals.

🤝 Are you taking on clients right now?

I am not taking any clients now. I’m busy focusing on myself, Infinite Serum, and Vegas Roots Rescue.

One day I hope to be a high school pole vault coach. They need good information at that level, and I know what it takes and how to get a college scholarship.

Since I have had the chance to train with the best athletes, and go to the best schools, and train with the best coaches, it’s only natural for me to want to give back. Look for me one day on the field part of the track coaching pole vaulters. 🙂

📝 Where can we learn more about you?

You can find my links below. I am more than happy to become friends to learn and share business and fitness hacks with you. Just ask me.

ModelMayhem as Randalene Sergent
Instagram as InfiniteSerum
LinkedIn as Randalene Sergent.
World Athletics as Randalene Sergent

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