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We appreciate you taking the time to share your story and help inspire people to become healthier and happier. MO Marketplace is designed to give customers a MORE Optimized experience by teaching them what those pros use and recommend and by you filling out this form you help others to make more informed decisions. Below is the form along with some ideas to help you with your answers. Please note that MO Marketplace does not support the use of steroids and other illegal substances therefore please do not promote such use in your answers.

In regards to photos, we only embed photos from Instagram, Youtube videos, etc., so there is no need to send us any. Instead, please just list your preferred photos in the Instagram field below. We might add links to other interviews and MO Marketplace pages like groups, hacks, brands, etc. For example, if you mention someone in your interview, we might add a link to that person’s interview. By filling out this form you hereby give us permission to publish the interview on MO Marketplace and share it/quote it on social media without compensation.

Some ideas for what you can cover in this question: What is your name and age. What was your childhood like and what has led you on this path? Where are you from and where are you living now? Your daytime job, if you study, etc., If you have a partner, children, etc., You can list any major accomplishments. How long have you been training or learning your discipline? What made you start? Did you play any sports? Any hobbies etc. besides sports/fitness/modeling, If you have any sponsors, how you got your sponsors and how it benefits you/them? What do you like the most about fitness/sport etc., Your friends, colleagues, etc.

Some ideas for what you can cover in this question: Your training philosophy and your training splits, How often you train and for how long you train (hours per session and sessions per week), If you follow a specific program, including your splits etc., What programs have you tried in your past that you did not like? A program that has given you good results, Off-season bulking techniques, Pre-competition fat loss techniques, Where you train and why you train there, If you train alone or with others, How you prepare for training (rituals, stretching etc.), What you do after training (rituals, strecthing etc.), What's in your fitness bag, If you have a cardio regimen and what kind of regime, Your favorite exercises, If you use apple watch or some other tool for measuring your training, If you keep a training log.

Some ideas for what you can cover in this question: How you make yourself go to the gym when motivation is low, How you have managed to keep training for so long, Your best hacks for improving in the gym, How you make yourself keep going and push harder, How you make time for your training (vs. work, family, etc.), The biggest challenge you've faced.

Some ideas for what you can cover in this question: How your training is doing at the moment, Your goals for the next 5 years and why you have these goals, Your plan for reaching these goals, Your plans beside sports/fitness (family, business, work, studies, etc.), What you would change If you could start over in your sports/fitness journey.

Some ideas for what you can cover in this question: How you avoid injuries and setbacks, How you handle injuries and how you recover from injuries, How much you sleep, How you handle travel and changes to your schedule, If you take any supplements to improve your recovery (please include brands), If you use any recovery tools or techniques, massage tools or techniques, etc.

Some ideas for what you can cover in this question: If you follow a specific diet, why this diet and for how long you have been following the diet, If you count calories and how many calories you go for per day, - If you track proteins, carbohydrates or some other things, What you eat off-season vs. in-season (or bulking vs. cutting), How you handle going out/social occasions (when people serve food that doesn't match your diet etc.), If you take any supplements and which supplements (including brands), The supplement brands do you prefer and why these brands, If you time your food and/or supplements intake, If you have cheat days, how often you have cheat days and what you eat on cheat days, If you have junk food cravings and how you handle such cravings, If you bulk and cut or stay lean the whole year, How you eat when cutting, If you diet/do fasting, how you handle hunger and lack of energy, How you handle coffee, tea and alcohol, If you use a fitness tracker or some other tool for measuring your diet, activity level, etc.

Some ideas for what you can cover in this question: Specific books that have inspired you or improved your training and what's best about these books, Same with other materials, podcasts, etc., If you listen to specific music in the gym, The best advice you have ever received, People in fitness that inspires you, mentors, friends, etc., People you follow on Instagram etc. because they are awesome.

Some ideas for what you can cover in this question: How you would start out if you were new to bodybuilding/fitness, Recommendations/hacks for experienced bodybuilders/fitness people, The strangest/most stupid things you have seen in the gym, What you think a lot of people do wrong in the gym, How you combine fitness with other sports, The best hacks you have for life outside the gym.

Some ideas for what you can cover in this question: If you take on clients and why/why not you take clients, What is your specialty?, Why it is a good idea to hire you vs. other trainers, For long a client should sign up to see results, If you only take real-life clients or if you also have clients over the internet, The most common training question you get (and the answer to it)

Some ideas for what you can cover in this question: Anything that has happened to you since we interviewed you before that is worth mentioning. You can ignore this is this is your first interivew with us.

Some ideas for what you can cover in this question: Talk about a fun fact or crazy story that most people don't know about you. For example, I'm love playing League of Legends.

Some ideas for what you can cover in this question: If you have a website/blog, Links to social media profiles, What your main channel is (your website, Instagram, YouTube or something else).

Please list photos from your Instagram account that you would like us to embed (use) when we publish the interview. When we embed the photos, we automatically add links to the photos so people can easily check your Instagram, captions, etc.

Any sports/fitness educations, certificates, etc.?

Who would you love to see interviewed on MO Marketplace? Your mentors, great students, people you follow on Instagram etc., or someone else who’s doing great in fitness.

Feel free to mention several people. If possible, please mention their names, Instagram + email addresses.

Are you a social media influencer and if so are you looking for new sponsorhips? If you check yes, at some point we may provide your contact information to brands who may be interested in you. Our goal is to help you get sponsors and to help brands get noticed. Full disclosure, we may at some point have a built in feature (possibly monetized) where brands on the platform can choose from a list of influencers of which you will be listed.

Are you interested in creating a fitness, health or beauty brand? If so, please let us know. We may be able to help you get started.

Please select an image of yourself, centered in the shot. The required image size is 600px X 600px in PNG format.


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