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Is the Testosterone XL trial a scam? Review Inside

Is it possible to “build 30% more muscle mass in mess than 30 days” using a supplement called Testosterone XL? Well, that is just one of its many claims.

Lets look at the other claims made by this supplement to see if they can be proven.

We do not endorse trial offers. Click here to see which product we recommend as an alternative.

Claims made by Testosterone XL

Testosterone XL has made some pretty astounding claims including:

  • 35% decrease in workout fatigue
  • 42% increase in athletic endurance
  • 52% more ripped

Now, personally I am wary of any claims that involve percentages, especially when they are not backed up with any proof (as is the case with Testosterone XL).

We would need to look at its ingredients to see if it is as effective as it is claimed to be.

Ingredients found in Testosterone XL

Unfortunately there is no one mention of any of its ingredients, so it is impossible to comment on its effectiveness or whether it is safe to use or not.

This is a serious issue that should certainly make you think twice about using this supplement.

Why would you risk your health taking a supplement that could potentially cause you harm?

How much does the supplement cost?

Testosterone XL is available ‘risk free’, which is not the same as ‘free’ as there is a shipping cost to pay before you even receive the supplement.

After sign up you will have just 14 days to decide whether you wish to keep the supplement otherwise you will be charged the full retail price of $89.95, which is apparently a “low rate”.

If you fail to cancel your membership you will automatically be signed up to an auto-ship program, meaning further charges will be made for further deliveries, which will continue until your membership is cancelled.

Would we recommend this trial offer?

Certainly not, as there is nothing we can recommend.

There is no way of knowing what it is you are taking, making it impossible to tell if it is as effective as claimed.

Secondly the price is too high for a supplement with no proof to back up its claims, and finally its use of auto-shipping could leave you significantly out of pocket.

I would recommend steering well clear of this trial offer.

How to cancel your trial?

While there is an option to cancel your trial at the very bottom of their website I would also recommend that you contact them using one of the following methods:

Phone: 1-800-381-8791 (US & Canada) or 0800 098-8501 (UK)
Email: [email protected]

Please use the comment form below if you wish to leave your own short review of this trial offer.

Click here for our guide to beating online scams.

A proven alternative to Testosterone XL is a supplement known as Testogen. Using this supplement can help ensure your testosterone levels remain at peak production levels.

This particular supplement contains proven ingredients and as it is not available for trial you can relax knowing that your money is safe from any hidden charges.

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